1991 - 2011

Tiempo was a printed bulletin published quarterly by IIED and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

The front cover of the Tiempo bulletin, issue no. 69

The bulletin focused on global warming, climate change, sea-level rise and issues related to climate change and the developing world. 

Tiempo was published from 1991 to 2011. This page is published for reference purposes so that readers can access previous articles.

Tiempo aimed to promote communication between the nations of the North and South on the issue of climate change, to promote the interests of developing nations in the climate debate and to provide authoritative and timely information on relevant scientific, technical and policy matters.

In 1994 the online Tiempo Climate Portal was set up to complement the printed bulletin. The portal includes an archive of 50 issues of Tiempo. It also features a selection of features, short reports and interviews which were originally published in the bulletin.

The portal also provides access to recent news reports, websites and other resources linked to climate change and sustainable development.