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  • The Retiro district of Buenos Aires features affluent shopping and business areas close to a large shanty town where many homes don't have running water (Photo: Mark Edwards/IIED)

    Urbanisation and the environment

    Growing urban affluence tends to have profound environmental consequences, but the net impact depends heavily on how the transition is managed. IIED worked to identify the best means of making urbanisation more environmentally beneficial and less destructive

    16 July 2015 | Project | Poverty
  • 'Population Dynamics and Climate Change' book

    A book has been published on 'Population Dynamics and Climate Change' to enhance understanding of how the size, structure and dynamics of human populations influence, and are influenced by, our changing climate

    1 June 2010 | Article | Climate change
  • Expert Group Meeting on Population Dynamics and Climate Change

    London. June 09 Papers from this meeting are now available as downloadable pdfs.

    13 May 2009 | Article | Urban
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