'Population Dynamics and Climate Change' book

A book has been published on 'Population Dynamics and Climate Change' to enhance understanding of how the size, structure and dynamics of human populations influence, and are influenced by, our changing climate.

Article, 01 June 2010

Climate change is already impacting populations and ecosystems around the globe and threatens to set back develoment efforts by decades, profoundly affecting us all. The defining challenge of the 21st century is to combine a rapid reduction in poverty and inequiality with a rapid reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. Meeting this challenge requires an understanding of how the size, structure and dynamics of human populations influence, and are influenced by, our changing climate.

This book is in part the product of an Expert Group Meeting on Population Dynamics and Climate Change held on 24-25 June 2009.  This meeting was hosted by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, and IIED, the International Institute for Environment and Development, with the collaboration of UN-HABITAT.



1. Population Dynamics and Policies in the Context of Global Climate Change. George Martine

2. Does Population Matter for Climate Change? Hania Zlotnik

3. The implications of Population Growth and Urbanization for Climate Change. David Satterthwaite

4. Urban Form, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Vulnerability. David Dodman

5. Mapping Urban Settlements adn the Risk of Climate Change in Africa, Asia and South America. Deborah Balk, Mark Montgomery, Gordon McGranahan, Donghwan Kim, Valentina Mara, Megan Todd, Thomas Buettner and Audrey Dorélien

6. Crisis or Adaptation? Migration and Climate Change in a Context of High Mobility. Cecilia Tacoli

7. Climate-related Disasters and Displacement: Homes for Lost Homes, Lands for Lost Lands. Scott Leckie

8. Children in the Context of Climate Change: A Large and Vulnerable PopulationSheridan Bartlett

9. Gender and Climate Change PolicyGotelind Alber

10. Population, Climate and Health. Sari Kovats and Simon Lloyd

11. Population and Reproductive Health in National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) for Climate ChangeClive Mutunga and Karen Hardee

12. The use of Population Census Data for Environmental and Climate Change AnalysisJosé Miguel Guzmán

13. Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change: Linking Satellite and Other Spatial Data with Population Data.  Deborah Balk, Mark Montgomery, Gordon McGranahan and Megan Todd

14. Population Data for Climate Change AnalysisHy Dao and Jaap van Woerden

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To cite this book: Guzmán, J. M., G. Martine, et al., Eds. (2009). Population Dynamics and Climate Change. New York and London, UNFPA and IIED.


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