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  • An aerial view of London. Southwark, on the left, is surprisingly undense (Photo: David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    How can compact cities keep house prices under control?

    A new study shows that increasing population density within cities generates significant economic benefits. But successfully harnessing the power of compact cities also requires large-scale investments in transport and housing

    14 September 2017 | Blog | Urban
  • A 'living room on the street' in Paposh Nagar, Karachi (Photo: Fareena Chanda)

    Helping low-income groups in Karachi, Bangkok and Kathmandu to take advantage of urban density

    IIED worked with local partners to seek out alternative routes to density, that don't force people to choose between being displaced to distant peripheries or being crowded into unhealthy "slums" or apartment blocks

    16 July 2015 | Project | Policy and planning
  • Paposh Nagar, Karachi. 'Living room' on the street -  © Fareena Chanda 2010

    A tale of two cities: Density regulations vs reality

    Poor residents in South Asian cities live together in high numbers that easily surpass the limits set in planning regulations. What can be done to create more housing for the poor?

    30 June 2014 | Blog | Urban
  • Watch the Karachi Rising film

    The houses that Karachi's poor want

    Karachi is building upwards to house its expanding population, but unregulated building leaves poor families at risk. An IIED film outlines solutions that could benefit the city, says Suzanne Fisher

    23 April 2014 | Blog | Poverty
  • Let's get compact

    The future sprawls before us — urban sprawl, that is. John Vidal of the UK Guardian says that in 50 years, we could see ‘vast “mega-regions” which may stretch hundreds of miles across countries and be home to more than 100 million people’.In fact, they’re here already: the gargantuan Hong Kong-Shenhzen-Ghaungzhou conurbation, to take just one example, houses more than 120 million people.Whether in-migration to these regions is a trickle or a flood (and the downturn has apparently had a mixed effect on migration to cities), the urban pull remains powerful, as the poor chase jobs and escape degraded rural environments or conflict.

    26 March 2010 | Blog | Urban
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