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  • A woman showing her identification card to two officials

    Webinar report: Gender inequalities in social protection

    How can social protection schemes incorporate climate-resilience objectives and respond to the different needs of women and men? That was the topic under discussion at an online meeting hosted by IIED on 2 April 2020

    24 April 2020 | Article | Climate change
  • Three people gather around a wooden table on which papers are stacked

    Webinar: Gender inequalities in social protection – people, households and climate adaptation

    IIED hosted an online discussion on the role of social protection schemes and how they can incorporate climate-resilience objectives and respond to the different needs of women and men

    10 March 2020 | Event | Climate change
  • How far should social protection go?

    The Centre for Social Protection´s conference ‘Social Protection for Social Justice’,  came, in the words of the Institute for Development Studies’ Stephen Devereux, a full 11 and ¾ years after the term ‘social protection’ was first coined. Since then, social protection has risen steadily up the development agenda, and emerging economies such as Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa have rolled out extensive schemes which transfer cash directly to the poor. This conference challenged delegates to think more critically about the role and limits of such schemes in promoting social justice and challenging structural inequalities.

    20 April 2011 | Blog | Poverty
  • How ‘just giving money to the poor’ helps them adapt to climate change

    Programmes which transfer money directly to the poor help them adapt to climate change. That´s what I´m suggesting in a new briefing paper to be presented at the upcoming conference on ‘Social Protection for Social Justice’, will be held at the Centre for Social Protection in Brighton between the 13th and 15th of April. 

    4 April 2011 | Blog | Climate change
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