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  • Group of women sit on the floor and raise their hands up.

    How women leaders are getting better social protection for the vulnerable

    Women leaders show the way for enhancing access to social protection and delivering climate resilience at scale

    6 July 2022 | Blog | Climate change
  • An illustration showing people and flowers in front of tall buildings.

    Building better cities: responding to the twin challenge of inequality and climate change

    How can cities promote resilient, low-carbon and just urbanisation, in a context of increasing climate breakdown and inequality? IIED’s urban researchers set out a vision for urban transformation to build just and inclusive cities

    23 June 2022 | Article | Climate change
  • Water pours from two pipes set into stone, surrounded by photos, alongside a pile of clothes.

    Urban climate justice: connecting social justice and decarbonisation

    Cities in the global South can leapfrog the carbon-intensive trajectories forged by the global North by supporting decarbonisation – the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions – and responding to lo

    23 June 2022 | Article | Climate change
  • Woman speaking with a microphone to an audience of men.

    Every voice counts: addressing inequality in research and development

    To address colonial perspectives and social and environmental injustices in research and development practice, we must be open to learning from and including different backgrounds, contexts and systems, and to recognising both past injustices and the privilege enjoyed by researchers from the global North

    16 March 2022 | Blog | Gender
  • Woman squatting in a garden, looking to the ground. She's surrounded by vegetables.

    Decoloniality and the new ethics of climate and nature

    "How many planets do we need if everyone on earth were to live just like you?"

    23 November 2021 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • People walking through a forest

    Putting social and environmental justice at the core of conservation, climate and development

    This series of blogs and case studies, curated by IIED’s Natural Resources research group and the Green Economy Coalition, examines dominant approaches to resolving the nature and climate crises

    24 October 2021 | Feature | Biodiversity
  • One women holds a tree while another digs into the soil with a shovel, surrounded by green trees and foliage

    New thought-provoking blog series scrutinises dominant approaches to resolving the nature and climate crises

    IIED and the Green Economy Coalition launch a new thought-provoking series of blogs to scrutinise the dominant approaches to solving the nature, climate, and inequality crises

    21 October 2021 | News | Biodiversity
  • View of a building on a street corner, with people crossing the road in the foreground

    Coming through the pandemic the right way up

    COVID-19 risks exacerbating inequality and ecological destruction, but it may also bring lessons of environmental and social justice that shift values, strengthen solidarity and encourage people to mobilise for change

    1 May 2020 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Protesting people march holding a banner

    Q&A: Successful social mobilisation for land rights in Nepal

    Jagat Basnet, a seasoned land rights campaigner, continues our blog and interview series exploring how social movements can support climate justice and interact with sustainable development organisations.

    28 February 2020 | Article | Climate change
  • People Oppose Taiwan Plastics Factory

    Social movements for climate justice

    Social movements calling for climate action and climate justice have reached exciting new levels of visibility in recent years. This blog series considered the vital role they can play in prompting climate action and climate justice

    6 February 2020 | Feature | Climate change
  • Recovering wildlife populations in Namibia are largely attributed to policies that give local people rights to benefit from wildlife on their land (Photo: Ronald Woan, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    There’s justice in the battle for biodiversity 

    Increasingly recognised as the irreplaceable basis of our natural world, biodiversity is also fundamental to human wellbeing and sustainable development. James Mayers looks at why effective conservation action is inextricably linked with development and social justice

    28 June 2018 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • A family guards their crops from wild animals on the boundary of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Photo: Mariel Harrison)

    Conservation works better with social justice

    Poverty threatens wildlife conservation despite widespread efforts to integrate conservation and development so that local communities benefit. So what's going wrong? Our research suggests it's social justice that's missing.

    20 August 2014 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Schemes such as this provision of a solar panel, provided by Grameen Shaktri, to rural Bangladesh homes are tackling the drivers of poverty and inequality while also greening the economy (Photo: Marufish)

    Ten ways to secure social justice in the green economy

    IIED and CAFOD have published guidelines that policymakers can follow to improve the social outcomes of green economy strategies

    25 April 2014 | News | Green economy
  • Green shoots and REDD herrings

    Forests continue to be trashed in many places. One recent estimate, admittedly ‘on the back-of-an- envelope’, indicates a global natural capital loss of US$2.5 trillion a year, of which forests represent a substantial part. We have all recently become used to hearing about trillions of dollars being wiped off the world’s ‘virtual economy’, but this natural capital is real, and its loss is permanent.

    15 October 2009 | Blog | Forests
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