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  • Clothes hang on lines outside small poorly maintained houses

    Introduction to building transformative urban resilience for all

    Understanding and reducing risks from climate change and disasters in urban centres

    1 April 2022 | Article | Urban
  • An aerial view of Nairobi, with slums in the foreground alongside green space

    Tomorrow’s cities: reducing disaster risk for the poor

    Through the urban disaster risk hub, IIED is working with partners to help cities in low-and-middle income countries transition from crisis management to multi-hazard, risk-informed planning and decision making

    24 February 2022 | Project | Poverty
  • View of a mountain with a few houses. Snowed mountains in the background.

    Loss and damage: erosion of Nepal’s life, land and beauty is deep and irreparable

    Life-threatening floods from bursting glacial lakes are just one of the many impacts of climate change that are leaving the people of Nepal unable to cope. Guest blogger Shreya K.C. calls on world leaders to replace fake handshakes with concrete action

    19 January 2022 | Blog | Climate change
  • Camp site with several informal tents made of fabric and plastic.

    Are humanitarian agencies starting from scratch again in Haiti?

    After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, thousands of humanitarian agencies supported a huge recovery effort. ATwo months ago, another major quake struck. Are Haiti or humanitarian agencies any better equipped for the challenge of rebuilding?

    25 October 2021 | Blog | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Makeshift camps for internally displaced people sprang up in Kathmandu after the severe earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. Relief workers are struggling to help displaced people find durable shelter as the country braces for the monsoon season (Photo: SIM Central and South East Asia, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Urban Crises Learning Fund

    Urban areas are increasingly the sites of humanitarian crises, from natural disasters to conflict and displacement. Through a programme of research, documenting and learning from experience and development of tools and approaches, IIED is working to build the knowledge and capacity to respond of humanitarian actors working in urban areas, and of urban actors facing humanitarian crises

    2 November 2020 | Project | Urban
  • People serving food

    Podcast: Improving climate budgeting during COVID-19

    The latest episode of the People, Planet and Public Finance podcast was recorded shortly after Cyclone Amphan hit Bangladesh and India. The storm, and the damage it caused, showed the vital importance of budgeting for climate risks – even as countries confront the coronavirus pandemic

    5 June 2020 | News | Climate change
  • People walk past ruined buildings

    Haiti earthquake 10 years on – a new chapter in disaster response

    A decade after the devastating Haiti earthquake, Lucy Earle reflects on the humanitarian response to the tragedy and its urban setting – and the lessons that have been learned for disaster response

    12 January 2020 | Blog | Urban
  • Two men huddle over a map and make annotations.

    10 years on: What Haiti taught us about urban crises and community planning

    In the wake of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, significant resources were channelled to neighbourhood-level projects, precipitating numerous innovations in community planning. On 23 January, an IIED event drew out the lessons learned from the emergency relief and recovery phases that continue to be relevant for the planning community and humanitarian actors operating in complex urban environments

    24 December 2019 | Event | Urban
  • When infrastructure is not provided, or not affordable, the urban poor find their own way around the problem, as in Delhi, India, where electricity is tapped

    Urban crisis response needs a humanitarian sector shake-up

    From 'natural disasters' causing large-scale destruction to slow-onset crises such as droughts, through to conflict and persecution, the number of people around the world needing humanitarian assistance is growing – and increasingly, they are found in urban areas

    15 December 2017 | Blog | Urban
  • A resettlement site in Guiuan, in the Philippines, almost three years after super typhoon Haiyan with 'temporary' shelters that have been adapted by residents (Photo: Elizabeth Parker)

    Post-crisis urban planning: lessons from Southeast Asia

    New research confirms the importance of urban planning in empowering local governments and communities to manage their own recovery after a humanitarian crisis. Elizabeth Parker argues that humanitarian agencies can support the challenging planning process by sharing knowledge, experience, staff, tools and technology

    6 December 2017 | Blog | Urban
  • A street in Beirut.

    Stronger Cities Initiative

    Urban crises challenge the traditional ways of working for humanitarian organisations. The International Rescue Committee, Norwegian Refugee Council and World Vision worked together to develop a suite of tools and practical guidance notes to promote improved responses to urban crises

    31 May 2017 | Article | Policy and planning
  • At least 339 people were killed and more than 1 million left homeless across Bangladesh and India after Severe Cyclonic Storm Aila in 2009. This photo shows flooded houses and a burst embankment in Sundarbans, in West Bengal, India (Photo: William Lee-Wright, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Denying denial: climate facts and impacts

    Climate change is happening, it's caused by humans and will have a negative impact on all our lives. So what are the facts – and what can 'ordinary' citizens do about it?

    14 February 2017 | Blog | Climate change
  • Indigeonous communities join government officials, NGOs and academics to participate in a ridge-to-reef mapping workshop in Cagayan de Oro City to identify threats to the forest and environment ecosystem (Photo: Horacio Marcos C. Mordeno, MindaNews, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    International Disaster and Risk Conference 2016: key resources

    With this year's International Disaster and Risk Conference running from 28 August to 1 September in Davos, Switzerland, IIED has collected a range of resources detailing its work with partners on disaster and risk issues

    28 August 2016 | Article | Climate change
  • An image of television footage of a man standing instead a destroyed house after Cyclone Roanu hit Bangaldesh (Photo: Google licence)

    Cyclone Roanu hits Bangladesh: a story of loss and damage avoided

    Although Cyclone Roanu killed 30 people in Bangladesh last week, steps taken to reduce the country's risk from disasters saved many more lives

    27 May 2016 | Blog | Climate change
  • The earthquake that hit Nepal and areas of Bangladesh, India and Tibet on has had devastating consequences, with loss of life and destruction (Photo: Udayan Mishra, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    IIED responds to Nepal earthquake

    IIED's thoughts and hopes are with all those affected by the earthquake that struck Nepal and areas of Bangladesh, India and Tibet on 25 April, with a state of emergency being declared in Nepal

    27 April 2015 | News | Communication
  • Disasters, such as this flooding in Old Bagamoyo Road, Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam, were the subject of discussion in Sendai (Photo: Matthew Wood-Hill, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Keep it simple: helping local governments reduce the risk from the next disaster

    The World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction aims to make communities safer in the face of new disasters – but could complex guidance be confusing issues, asks Cassidy Johnson

    25 March 2015 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • An image taken by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center shows Tropical Storm Hagupit weakening as it nears Manila, but it has already claimed 21 lives while COP20 proceeds in Lima (Photo: NASA/NOAA via NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory)

    Philippines to lead global forum of vulnerable countries

    As people start to return to their homes in the wake of Typhoon Hagupit, the Philippines is to assume the next presidency of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF)

    9 December 2014 | News | Climate change
  • Flooding in a Manila slum particularly affects street and slum children (Photo: Jörg Dietze/SuSanA Secretariat via Creative Commons

    Poorest urban children failed in disasters, says report

    Disasters in Asia's megacities hit the poorest children hardest, a new report finds.

    3 March 2014 | News | Urban
  • Pedicabs on the flooded streets of Manila, Philippines.

    How does a changing climate impact on urban poverty?

    When floods hit a city, usually low-income groups are hit hardest. The devastation that such disasters cause can be linked to the failure of city governments to manage growth and build infrastructure.

    28 March 2013 | Blog | Climate change
  • Why survivors should lead responses to disasters

    20 October 2011 | Blog | Urban
  • Adapting to climate change in Bangladesh

    30 March 2011 | Blog | Climate change
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