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  • A typical Kenya milk bar. Packaged milk in supermarkets has been found to be no better at meeting food safety standards than raw milk sold from kiosks (Photo: International Livestock Research Institute, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Lessons in informality from Kenya's dairy sector

    Informal markets are at the heart of many developing country economies, but how can authorities work with the informal sector? A training and certification scheme for Kenya's informal dairy sector provides valuable policy lessons

    3 November 2015 | Blog | Sustainable markets
  • A street vendor sells produce in Surabaya, Indonesia (Photo: Schristia, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Showcasing innovations in policy approaches to informality

    IIED's Shaping Sustainable Markets initiative has published seven briefing papers that showcase innovations – and challenges – in developing inclusive policy approaches for the informal economy

    21 July 2015 | Article | Economics
  • Customers at a milk bar in Ndumbuini in Kabete, Nairobi. Research in Kenya has found that milk sold in this way had similar bacterial levels to those sold in formal markets (Photo: ILRI/Paul Karaimu)

    What do street food, charcoal, gold, mobile phones and milk have in common?

    Informality may be responsible for many things produced, processed or sold by people who operate outside formal rules and regulations, but small markets add up to big business

    17 December 2014 | Blog | Sustainable markets
  • Boat surrounded by vegetation growing in the water near the river port of Vallemi.

    Will Payments for Watershed Services fuel the protection of ecosystem services?

    It’s easier to prevent pollution harnessing the forces of nature than to clean up the mess with costly technology. Is there a solution at hand?

    21 June 2013 | Blog | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Picture of the Rainforest Alliance logo on a bunch of flowers.

    Shaping Sustainable markets

    Shaping Sustainable Markets is a research initiative that explores how the formal and informal rules used to govern markets – called market governance mechanisms (MGMs) – are designed, and how they impact on people, the planet and the economy.

    19 April 2013 | Project | Sustainable markets
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