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  • Youth standing with a poster that reads "I'm with her". The poster shows an arrow pointintg to a drawing of the Earth.

    Channelling the capacity and creativity of youth to lead the green transition

    Guest blogger Vanesa Castán Broto describes how young people’s needs and priorities are often ignored, as is their potential to contribute creative solutions, and their role in stimulating green growth

    8 September 2022 | Blog | Climate change
  • Woman walking through a field, carrying a bag on her head.

    How to green Africa from the grassroots

    As COVID-19 prompts rethinks, investing in renewable energy, regenerative agriculture and skills could help Africa handle future crises

    4 January 2021 | Blog | Green economy
  • Four people sat around a table speaking into microphones

    The trouble with growth: Make Change Happen podcast episode 4

    The concept of economic growth has dominated political and policy thinking for 50 years. But increasingly, that hold is being questioned, as the urgent need to cut emissions, protect nature and create a more socially just world becomes ever clearer. In this episode, IIED director Andrew Norton asks: what is the trouble with growth, and how can we fix it?

    11 March 2020 | Article | Economics
  • The faces of some of the experts who contributed their thoughts about a green economy (Image: GEC)

    Leading experts set out their vision for a green economy

    To mark the launch of its new website, the GEC asked leading green thinkers to set out their personal vision of a green economy. Politicians, activists and industry leaders from around the globe responded. Now the GEC is asking: "What does 'a green economy' mean to you?"

    12 September 2017 | News | Green economy
  • A migrant bamboo farmer harvests bamboo shoots in Tianlin County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. The UN PAGE conference was told China is reskilling one million workers from forestry into other industries (Photo: Nick Hogarth/CIFOR, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Highs and lows of the transition to an inclusive green economy

    Paul Steele reflects on the highs and lows emerging from this week's UN PAGE conference in Berlin, as leaders in sustainable development gathered to tackle what it takes for a global shift to economies that are fair and green.

    31 March 2017 | Blog | Economics
  • A family in Tarialan, Uvs Province, Mongolia, uses a solar panel to generate power for their ger, a traditional Mongolian tent (Photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Why social inclusion matters for green growth

    From wetland protection in South Africa to scrapping fossil fuel subsidies in Indonesia, the best climate policies are pro-poor

    11 August 2016 | Blog | Climate change
  • Early morning in Dogo, West Java, Indonesia: getting low-cost furniture ready for selling on the street corner (Photo: Ikhlasul Amal, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Formalising the informal

    What does it mean to 'formalise' the informal sector? Discussions at an informality event with our partners revealed some of the barriers to successful formalisation and examples of what works

    30 March 2016 | Blog | Sustainable markets
  • Chris at his roadside food stall. His day starts at 4pm and lasts until 10pm (Photo: Sven Torfinn/Panos. Pictures for IIED and Hivos)

    Photo exhibition highlights varied and vibrant informal economies

    Photos exhibited at a recent conference on informal economies and green growth show people working in the informal sector in eight countries

    18 March 2016 | Blog | Green economy
  • Women selling fish in Nyakrom, Central Ghana. The food economy is the largest informal sector in West Africa (Photo: aripeskoe2, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Green grows the informal economy

    An event on the informal sector and the green economy established six principles for a new policy agenda on inclusive green growth

    10 March 2016 | Blog | Green economy
  • A welder uses home-made equpiment in Kenya, where the Jua Kali (informal economy) thrives and can solve any problem (Photo: Erik (HASH) Hersman, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Lessons from the informal sector

    Could the informal economy provide the way forward for the green growth agenda? Ahead of an IIED event on 25 February, Mao Amis looks at lessons that can be learned

    24 February 2016 | Blog | Green economy
  • The sale of matoke in a market near Fort Portal, Uganda: green growth planning must take account of the informal economy (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

    Does green growth miss the majority?

    On 25 February IIED is hosting an event on the informal sector – we want to better understand how it can contribute to creating a greener and more inclusive economy

    18 February 2016 | Blog | Green economy
  • Animals gather in the shade of a rusting ship near the Aral Sea (Photo: Mark Pitcher)

    Are Kazakhstan's plans for a greener future at risk?

    A major recent government restructure could present obstacles as well as opportunities for Kazakhstan's transition to a green economy

    31 October 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • While 'green growth' has focused on attracting investment, 'green economy' targets wider and deeper reform to create an economic system that better serves society (Photo: Davetoaster via Creative Commons

    Support for green economy surges but crucial gaps remain

    Governments, businesses, investors and others are embracing the ‘green economy’ idea, but differences in the way they interpret it pose barriers to sustainable development, according to a report published today by the International Institute for Environment and Development and the Green Economy Coalition.

    24 February 2014 | News | Green economy
  • Kazakhstan's capital Astana will host the EXPO trade fair in 2017. Credit: Ken & Nyetta/Flicker (Creative Commons)

    Kazakhstan: Green economy of the future?

    Kazakhstan is taking the lead among Central Asian countries by aspiring to make the leap to a green economy. Saule Ospanova sets out ten recommendations to help it on its way.

    30 January 2014 | Blog | Energy
  • Image of a solar panel, with light glinting off it.

    Green Growth and equity must go hand in hand

    The OECD’s latest report begins to bridge the growing divide between international institutions’ focus on green growth, and developing countries’ need for greater equity.

    13 June 2013 | Blog | Governance
  • Traffic jam in China. Photo: Simon Lim

    Green Growth, and how we get there

    A Chatham House hosted meeting on green growth offers clues for governments perplexed as to how and when to get the economy growing again – this time more sustainably.

    1 March 2013 | Blog | Economics
  • Three angles on 'green growth'

    How can you marry environment and development? Over the past two years, governments and businesses have begun to trumpet ‘green growth’ as one way of boosting economic growth without compromising environmental sustainability.

    30 June 2011 | Blog | Green economy
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