SAGE Support Package (online)

Use the SAGE Support Package to gain the skills to organise and facilitate a governance and equity assessment for a protected area or other area contributing to biodiversity conservation.

Article, 16 July 2021
Men and women sit on the floor to talk with computers and paper in front of them

SAGE at the village forest of Padu Banjar in West Kalimantan, Indonesia (Photo: copyright Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program (GPOCP))

Site-level Assessment of Governance and Equity (SAGE) is a methodology for assessing the governance and equity of conservation measures, including protected or other conserved areas (PCAs), and any associated activities.

IIED offers a ‘SAGE Support Package’ of online training and one-to-one (1:1) guidance to provide new users of SAGE with technical support. This package is based on a comprehensive SAGE user manual and includes:

  • Introductory training about SAGE 
  • Facilitation skills training, and
  • 1:1 guidance throughout the process, including how to tailor SAGE to the needs and context of a specific PCA, and analysis and report writing.

SAGE has two objectives. These are to:

  1. Enable site-level actors (ie stakeholders and rightsholders) to improve the governance and equity of their conservation work in order to improve both social and conservation outcomes, and
  2. Generate information for higher levels of management oversight, for improving governance of a system of PCAs. 

SAGE uses a stakeholder-led, self-assessment process which has three phases: preparation, assessment and taking action. The ‘taking action’ phase is an optional but recommended add-on, designed to increase the conservation and social impacts of SAGE. 

A diagram, with an arrow pointing to the right, with various listings under three headings: preparation, assessment and taking action

The SAGE Support Package covers the preparation and assessment phases. It is provided by experienced SAGE trainers who will work with users to personalise the two interactive training modules and provide 1:1 guidance throughout. We can deliver the package in English, French and Spanish.

What we offer

The SAGE Support Package includes two online trainings as well as guidance throughout the SAGE. Details on each of these elements are provided below:

1. Introduction to SAGE training

A SAGE trainer will lead a 2.5-hour interactive training module for people from the organisations that are organising the assessment (ie SAGE convenors), a lead facilitator and representatives of key stakeholders.

This introductory module builds understanding of governance and equity in the context of area-based conservation (what it is, why it’s important) and introduces the assessment of governance and equity using SAGE. This training will be provided virtually, so all participants need access to a computer and good internet connection.

This module will enable SAGE convenors and the lead facilitator to do steps 1.2 to 1.4 of the SAGE process. This includes a stakeholder analysis, developing a site profile (including threats to conservation, positive and negative impacts on human wellbeing, and rights of importance to local people) and detailed preparation for the assessment, including adapting the SAGE process and questionnaire to the specific needs and context of the site.

2.  Facilitation skills training 

This second training module is specifically for the lead SAGE facilitator, the 2-5 assistant facilitators and any notetakers that may be required. It aims to ensure that the assessment is implemented as a high-quality multi-stakeholder process in line with the SAGE manual and is well adapted to the needs of key actors and the context of the PCA.

This training for facilitators includes making any further adjustments to the SAGE questionnaire and checking that facilitators have a common approach to explaining key concepts and terms. This training module takes up to two days depending on the adjustments needed.

In preparation for this second training module, SAGE convenors and the lead facilitator must complete the SAGE preparation phase, including selecting the assistant facilitators and note-takers and inviting them to the facilitation skills training. As this training will be provided virtually, all participants need access to a computer and a good internet connection.

3. Guidance throughout SAGE

A SAGE trainer will provide up to four days of 1:1 technical support and tailored guidance to SAGE convenors and facilitators covering the 4-6 weeks from the start of the preparation phase through to the analysis and reporting at the end of the assessment phase.

This includes responding to any questions throughout the SAGE process as well as reviewing the stakeholder analysis, site profile, assessment plan, SAGE questionnaire, data analysis and SAGE report. This guidance will ensure SAGE convenors and facilitators are able to lead a high-quality assessment.

Availability, booking and cost

To obtain a copy of the SAGE user manual, information on the availability of the SAGE Support Package, and for any other enquiries, email [email protected] or [email protected]

The complete SAGE Support Package costs GBP£3,000 exclusive of any taxes in the recipient country. 

Bookings must be finalised on the SAGE Support Package booking form (PDF), which includes details of relevant terms and conditions.