Our other sites and networks

We work with our partners to develop and support a wide variety of websites, ranging from policy and learning platforms to international networks.

The projects undertaken by our Communications Group range from building an open-access platform for sharing case studies on tackling wildlife crime, to developing complex sites for a large number of partner organisations.

In all projects, we are committed to following good web development practice and IIED has endorsed the Principles for Digital Development. We work to keep sites secure, use open source technology where possible, and maintain a strong awareness of the need to ensure that online resources are accessible for all, particularly our audiences in the global South.

Active sites

Screenshot of REDAA website


2022 - ongoing

Reversing Environmental Degradation in Africa and Asia (REDAA) catalyses research, innovation and action to help people and nature thrive together. Through a series of grant calls it works at local, national and regional levels in Africa and Asia to support knowledge generation and learning across sectors.

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Screenshot of MOOC website

Pastoralism in Development – free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

2023 - ongoing

This MOOC on pastoralism in development provides an entry point for understanding pastoralism. The 15-hour course includes a rich range of teaching and learning activities.

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Protracted displacement in an urban world

2020 - ongoing

Comparing the experiences of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in cities and camps in four countries – Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Jordan and Kenya. 

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Screenshot of People Not Poaching website

People Not Poaching

2019 - ongoing

The Communities and Illegal Wildlife Trade Learning Platform. Securing a future for wild species depends on local people, which is why we believe in solutions that support, empower and respect their needs and perspectives.

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Screenshot of sentinel website


2019 - ongoing

Social and Environmental Trade-Offs in African Agriculture. An interdisciplinary research project seeking to address the challenge of achieving ‘zero hunger’ in sub-Saharan Africa, while at the same time reducing inequalities and conserving ecosystems.

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Screenshot of Tomorrow’s Cities website

Nature-based Solutions policy platform

2018 - ongoing

An interactive online policy platform on nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation


Green Economy Coalition screenshot

Green Economy Coalition

2011 - ongoing

A global network of institutions and organisations from trade unions, NGOs, research institutes and UN bodies who have come together to champion a transition to a green economy.

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Payments for watershed services screenshot

Watershed markets

2008 - ongoing

An IIED initiative focusing on whether market mechanisms can help to increase the services that watersheds provide and benefit local people. The site contains case studies and analysis from schemes in developing countries.

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Biocultural heritage screenshot

Biocultural heritage

2004 - ongoing

A website about the concept of biocultural heritage, tools to protect it and research findings from IIED projects promoting resilient farming systems and local economies.

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Environment & Urbanization screenshot

Environment & Urbanization

1989 - ongoing

One of the most widely read and distributed journals in its field, E&U provides local researchers, NGO staff and professionals working in Africa, Asia and Latin America with the chance to write about their work, present their ideas and debate on issues. 

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Adaptation Consortium

The Adaptation Consortium (ADA) supports county governments to mainstream climate change into development and planning through the County Climate Change Fund (CCCF) mechanism.


Screenshot of LandCam website


2019 - ongoing

A five-year project working with key stakeholders across Cameroon to improve customary and formal rights to land and natural resources through piloting land governance innovations at the local level and contributing to workable reforms of the relevant policy.

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Previous initiatives

The following sites have been archived to continue to provide useful access to resources and documents from completed projects:

Climate Change and Development Learning Platform

2014 – 2023

A collaborative initiative involving IIED, Irish Aid key partner countries and partner organisations, which supported countries in designing and implementing country-driven, results-oriented and sustainable learning to address climate change.

Project page

Poverty and Conservation Learning Group

2006 - 2023

An international network, coordinated by IIED, for promoting dialogue and fostering learning on the links between biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction.

Project page

Alternative routes to urban density

2010 - 2023

A site devoted to showing how the challenges of urban density can be met. It highlighted work by architect, planner and social researcher Arif Hasan, and IIED's Human Settlements research group.

Project page

Urban Africa: Risk Knowledge

2015 – 2018

Urban Africa: Risk Knowledge (Urban ARK) explores the relationship between natural hazards in urban areas and social vulnerabilities such as inadequate housing, lack of sanitation and crime.

Project page

Global Water Initiative - West Africa

2008 – 2017

One of three regional programmes working to improve water management policies, research, investment and knowledge resources for sustainable agricultural production and improved food security. 

Project page

Sustainable utilisation of Nigeria's gas and renewable energy resources

2009 – 2016

The SUNGAS project aimed to go beyond the 'why' to focus on the 'how' to make the case for promoting sustainable decentralised energy service delivery.

Project page

Growing Forest Partnerships

2008 – 2012

A project building up and supporting networks at local, national and international levels. Seeking to improve the connections between forests and other sectors. 

Project page

Environmental mainstreaming

2007 – 2009

A user guide to approaches (tools, methods and tactics) for mainstreaming (or integrating) the environment into development decision-making (referred to as environmental mainstreaming).

Project page

Regoverning markets

2005 – 2012

A project focused on the modernisation of agrifood markets in emerging economies, and implications for small-scale producers. 

Project page

Small-scale producers and standard in agrifood supply chains

2005 – 2008

Exploring opportunities for more favourable outcomes for small producers in developing countries to participate in international horticultural supply chains, given the rise of private standards.

Project page

Power tools


Power tools for policy influence in natural resource management introduces a range of Power Tools – 'how-to' ideas that marginalised people and their allies can use to have a greater positive influence on natural resources policy. 

Project page

Sustaining local food systems: agricultural biodiversity and livelihoods

2003 – 2008

A project analysing how and under what conditions decentralised governance, capacity building and participation by farmers can promote the adaptive management of agricultural biodiversity in the context of local food systems and livelihoods.

Project page

Race to the top

2002 – 2003

A project based on constructive engagement between an alliance of organisations and the major UK multiple retailers. It sought to measure and track what supermarkets are doing across a broad range of ethical issues.

Project page

Community networks

Community websites set up by IIED in partnership with others specialising in environment and development topics:


Biodiversity media alliance

2010 – 2023

A network to boost the quantity and quality of media coverage of biodiversity issues. It built bridges between journalists and sources of stories, news and interviews about biodiversity.

Climate change media partnership

2009 – 2022

An initiative to improve media coverage of climate change issues in developing countries. It includes a roster of experts available to talk to journalists about various aspects of climate change.

Project page

Research and media network

2007 – 2019

A social network for journalists, scientists, press officers and others who communicate about research – whether on health, environment, water, energy, agriculture, sustainable development or communications.

Forest Connect

2012 – 2018

Connect with us to share news, tools and documents in a community aiming to reduce poverty by connecting small forest enterprises.

Project page