The Green Economy Coalition


The Green Economy Coalition (GEC) brings together environment, development, trade union, consumer and business sectors, North and South. The GEC is committed to a common cause: accelerating a transition to a new green economy.

Green economy coalition logoAs the world emerges from recession, a clear message is emerging with it. 'Business as usual' is not working. There is real need for a new vision – a template for change.

The green economy is that vision. A powerful new paradigm for the 21st century, it offers creative solutions to multiple global challenges by linking people, planet and prosperity.

The coalition fosters a common understanding of green economy themes, and promotes learning, creativity and innovation across sectors. With its global and local reach and credibility in environmental, social, business and economic spheres, the coalition is placed to:

  • Improve communication between stakeholders and among green economy initiatives
  • Forge a coherent new economic vision that works for all
  • Encourage that best practice is scaled up
  • Promote ways of halting bad practice
  • Encourage innovation that explores prosperity within planetary boundaries, and
  • Influence key decision makers.

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