Green Economy Coalition

The Green Economy Coalition (GEC) brings together environment, development, trade union, consumer and business sectors from the North and South. The GEC is committed to a common cause: accelerating a transition to a new green economy.

Inclusive green economy
A programme of work on increasing equity, access and agency in the green economy
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Green Economy Coalition 

The Green Economy Coalition (GEC) is the world's largest movement for green and fair economies.

An alliance of civil society organisations, trade unions, businesses and campaigners, the GEC is building a movement for change from the ground up. Our aim is a green economy that benefits people first, especially the poorest, and respects ecological limits.

Our diverse and growing membership network of more than 50 organisations is tackling some of the biggest challenges of today: extreme poverty, climate change, biodiversity loss, rising inequality, and weak governance.

But members are united in recognition that these issues cannot be tackled alone. They are symptoms of an economic system that is ill-equipped to respond to today's global challenges. Our members are all committed to systemic economic reform.

The coalition is a new type of institution that wires together multiple organisations into shared positions and collective action. Together, we:

  • Build understanding between business, civil society and government through national and regional dialogue processes
  • Support civil society green economy hubs in seven countries
  • Explore the opportunities of greener, fairer economics for different constituencies 
  • Champion the voices of the excluded and marginalised in economic policy discussions, and
  • Bust economic assumptions and myths through new thinking and research.

Our website is a constantly updated hub featuring reporting, analysis and commentary from the front lines of the transition to a fair, green economy for all. Learn more – and get involved in our work – at

Key publications

Principles, priorities and pathways for a green economy (PDF): produced in partnership with the OECD, UN-Environment, ILO, UNIDO and others, this major new report lays a roadmap for a fast and fair transformation towards greener, more equitable and resilient economies.

How fair can be green: exploring connections between equality & sustainability (PDF): examining patterns in inequality as it relates to the environment, this paper shows that social and environmental benefits are two sides of the same coin: development can – and indeed must – be both fair and green.

National Green Economy Barometers: a series of detailed yet accessible reports, produced with in-country partners, focusing on specific countries or regions and utilising local expertise, connections and understanding to produce a holistic review of green policy and practice.

A full list of GEC publications is available from our Publications Library.