Independent Research Forum

12 June 2013

Many actors are vying to inform the goal-setting process for a post-2015 agenda – a diversity of voices must be incorporated for a successful and fair outcome. That is why research institutes from around the globe have joined forces to form the Independent Research Forum (IRF).

People from villagers of Wakesi village, Nyanza Province, Kenya walk down a dirt road.Photo: Robin Wyatt

The Independent Research Forum’s mission

The IRF aims to provide expert analysis to inform the on-going international policy processes that will shape the ‘post-2015’ development agenda.

It aims to do this by ensuring expertise and well-grounded analysis is shared with those directly involved in the UN process. It will also focus on the challenge of implementing the goals in specific countries, assessing how global goals can translate into concrete action on the ground.

To learn more about the IRF’s vision for a sustainable future, see the IRF Framework paper [PDF] or visit the IRF website.

Eight shifts needed for sustainability

Eight shifts essential for sustainable development were identified in a report produced by the Independent Research Forum on a Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda: 

  • From ‘development assistance’ to a universal global compact.
  • From top-down to multi-stakeholder decision-making processes.
  • From economic models that increase inequalities and risks to ones that reduce them.
  • From business models based on shareholder value to those based on stakeholder value.
  • From meeting ‘easy’ development targets to tackling systemic barriers to progress.
  • From damage control to investing in resilience.
  • From concepts and testing to scaled up interventions.
  • From multiple discrete actions to cross-scale coordination.

Download the full report.

Meet the IRF members

The IRF comprises 12 research institutes from the following countries: Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Senegal, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad, the UK, and the US. Complete list of IRF members.