Africa’s Agenda 2030: channeling the SDGs towards inclusive, resilient and accountable development

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Published: August 2018
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The government of the Republic of Liberia and the Independent Research Forum (IRF), a grouping of ten sustainable development institutes and think tanks from around the world, held a retreat in Monrovia, Liberia on 15-17 September 2017, on the theme of “Achieving the SDGs’ vision of equity, growth and resilience in Africa through regional cooperation”. Participants included government officials and representatives of civil society organizations from eleven African countries.

The retreat provided participants with a “safe space”, outside of the formal inter-governmental processes on the SDGs, to share experiences and identify approaches to overcoming shared challenges. The discussions focused on two key aspects of the 2030 Agenda that are particularly relevant to Africa: achieving economic growth that is socially equitable and environmentally sustainable, and creating effective, accountable and inclusive institutions for transformative~governance.