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IIED Debates create a space for conversation on key and current sustainable development issues. 

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The IIED Debates series shifted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It features expert panels in discussion with participants from across the world (Image: IIED)

This series of events offers insight into the world’s most pressing challenges and creates an opportunity to debate and explore solutions.

Through the convening of expert speakers and external stakeholders, IIED brings together an international community to discuss critical issues. By increasing our reach we hope to listen to and learn from broader audiences and perspectives and together move the agenda forward.

IIED Debates encompass both physical and digital events, including critical themes, breakfast debriefs and webinars. These events are public and are hosted regularly throughout the year in our London and Edinburgh offices and online. See a full list of events.

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Watch a playlist of videos of the events in the IIED Debates series below and on IIED's YouTube channel.  


Archive of IIED Debates

How can subsidies accelerate universal energy access?
22 October 2020 | This online event explored the role that subsidies as a form of public finance can play in achieving universal access to energy

COVID-19, debt relief, and the climate and biodiversity crises
9 September 2020 | This online event discussed how debt relief can be addressed through climate and nature programme swaps.

Land, investment and migration: a portrait of village life in Mali
17 June 2020 | This online event discussed how people survive and thrive in the uncertain and risk-prone Sahel, through the findings of a long-term study on the village of Dlonguebougou.

Closing the gap: financing the transition towards an inclusive blue economy
10 June 2020 | This online event discussed how to mobilise public and private finance to enable the transition to a sustainable and inclusive blue economy.

Nature-based solutions for climate change: from global ambition to local action
22 May 2020 | This online event discussed how we can translate the global ambition around nature-based solutions for climate change into local action.

Climate activism in the time of COVID-19
14 May 2020 | This online event discussed how the climate movement has mobilised online and whether the long-term goals of activism will change as a result of this global shock.

Gender inequalities in social protection – people, households and climate adaptation
2 April 2020 | This online event explored the role of social protection schemes and how they can incorporate climate-resilience objectives and respond to the different needs of women and men.

Critical theme: Small-scale farming and the future of the European food system
22 January 2020 | This event discussed how small farms fit in the future context of the UK and European food system.

IIED debrief: COP25 and what it means for the climate crisis
14 January 2020 | This event examined what blocked progress and discussed what needs to happen over the coming year in order to deliver success at the climate summit in Glasgow in November 2020.

Other IIED events

IIED organises or helps to organise a range of events across its work. Some of the major events include:

  • Barbara Ward Lectures – a biannual event that honours IIED founder Barbara Ward by celebrating outstanding women in development 
  • Development and Climate Days – an annual gathering, organised with partners during the United Nations climate change talks, that links the issues of climate change and development, and promotes dialogue, information sharing and informal discussion
  • Community-based Adaptation conferences – a flagship IIED event organised with partners focused on empowering communities to use their own knowledge and decision-making processes to take action on climate change. 


Juliette Tunstall (juliette.tunstall@iied.org), internal engagement and external events officer, IIED's Communications Group

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