LDC reflections of 2020: climate action, ambition and the path forward

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021
Where: Online
Woman walks in the distance on barren, drought-ridden soil

In Mali, the vicious circle of droughts and floods has serious consequences on the populations who live mainly from agriculture and livestock (Photo: Curt Carnemark/World Bank, via FlickrCC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

This IIED Debates online event on Thursday, 28 January heard perspectives and reflections on 2020 and priorities for 2021 with climate leaders from the least developed countries.

2020 was supposed to be a ‘super year’ for climate policy. Instead, the year was turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. High-level meetings and international conventions that were due to advance ambition and lead to climate commitments were postponed or adapted.

At the same time, countries focused efforts on COVID-recovery, creating opportunities to enhance action for people, climate and nature. So, how did the world fare in terms of advancing climate action?

Reflecting on 2020's major diplomatic moments, this event explored whether expectations were met for climate action, nationally determined contributions, long-term strategies and climate finance delivery.

Participants heard how the LDCs have been navigating through the COVID-exacerbated economic and climate crises and the implications as we embark on the ‘super year’ of 2021. What are the priorities now and how can we enhance climate action and ambition in the context of sustainable development?


Juliette Tunstall (, IIED's internal engagement and external events officer