TAMD Climate Change Indicator - Methodological Note. Indicator 8: Awareness among Stakeholders

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Published: March 2013
Product code:G03538

INDICATOR 8. AWARENESS AMONG STAKEHOLDERS~Awareness of climate change issues, risks and responses

This indicator is designed to evaluate awareness of climate change issues, risks and potential response options, and actions to promote such awareness, in different contexts.

The indicator can be used to evaluate the performance of an individual capacity building programme, through evaluation of the target system (e.g. ministry, sector, institution, general population, community, etc) at the beginning, during, and at the end of the programme.

The indicator may also be used to evaluate the evolution of awareness of climate change in systems targeted by multiple programmes.

Where the aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of capacity building interventions intended to improve institutional knowledge and capacity to address climate change, assessments will need to be supported by evidence that any improvements are attributable to the programme(s) in question.