TAMD Climate Change Indicator - Methodological Note. Indicator 7: Participation

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Published: March 2013
Product code:G03537


Quality of stakeholder engagement in decision-making to address climate change

This indicator is designed to assess the extent to which climate change planning involves all relevant stakeholders, in terms of both “vertical” representation (i.e. across different levels of governance from national to community level) and “horizontal” representation (i.e. across a diversity of relevant stakeholders at any particular level but particularly the community level).

The indicator can be used to assess the performance of an individual capacity building programme, through (i) evaluation of the quality of participation in initiatives managed by a target system (e.g. ministry, sector, institution) at the beginning, during, and at the end of the programme, or (ii) evaluation of participation within the context of the programme itself, where the nature of the programme makes such an approach relevant (i.e. where there is significant stakeholder engagement at multiple levels and scales, such as in an intervention to build capacity at the local level).

The indicator may also be used to assess the quality of participation in initiatives managed by systems targeted by multiple programmes.