Hivos Provocation Insights 1: Producer agency and the agenda to make markets work for the poor

Project materials (non-specific)
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Published: February 2011
Product code:G03067

This report summarises the discussion held in the first of a series of ‘provocations’ designed to stimulate critically constructive debate around the agenda of ‘making markets work’ for small-scale farmers.

This provocation aimed to inject new knowledge and insights into the topic of ‘producer agency’ and the agenda for ‘making markets work for the poor’.

Much of the renewed interest in small-scale agriculture has focused on connecting producers to markets. This reflects the prevailing consensus in development policy that markets can and should play a central role in meeting the growing list of expectations of smallholders — as drivers of rural economic development and food security, as suppliers for agribusiness, as managers of natural resources, as providers of environmental services, and as adapters to climate change.