Mobilising money to where it matters

Helping initiate a positive shift in the quantity and quality of climate finance reaching the local level to support locally-led solutions that address climate change, poverty and biodiversity loss

Our nature finance work

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Humankind and the natural world face an intertwined triple crisis of rising inequality, ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss, accompanied by a climate emergency. Only systemic change can tackle such complexity. 

Climate finance – money to help developing countries reduce emissions and adapt to climate change – is the ideal ‘lubricant’ to set this systemic change in motion. But IIED has shown that less than 10% of global climate funds prioritised local action between 2003 and 2016. 

IIED and its partners are working towards reimagining the current climate finance landscape to realise the multiple benefits of locally-driven solutions to the triple crisis. 

Contact: Helen O’Connor ([email protected]), principal researcher, Climate Change. 

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