Biodiversity and REDD

REDD could play an important role in biodiversity conservation. This project aimed to identify and test possible mechanisms to help promote high biodiversity REDD

2011 - 2013
Native bird perched on a branch, Costa Rica.

Native bird in Costa Rica. Found in payments for environmental services project run by IIED and FONAFIFO (Photo: Ina Porras, IIED)

Biodiversity standards and a monitoring framework will be introduced as part of the REDD+ system in Vietnam. These interventions will provide valuable insights and lessons in the national context.

Such lessons can be replicated throughout the country and region and will be fed into ongoing international climate negotiations at the UNFCCC and Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Project objectives

  • Conduct novel research exploring the feasibility of different international and national mechanisms to encourage high-biodiversity REDD+ schemes
  • Highlight the possible role of CBD in any international mechanism to promote HB REDD
  • Provide recommendations on the most feasible national and international mechanisms to introduce
  • Explore and document synergies with other organisations pursuing a high-biodiversity REDD agenda
  • Encourage adoption by five Parties (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Laos, Vienam and Nepal) to UNFCCC COP 17 based on recommendations from the report, and
  • Conduct a high-level side event on high-biodiversity REDD+ at UNFCCC COP 17 with partners.