Annual Report 2013/14: Building bridges for sustainable development

IIED has been building bridges for decades. In place of brick and mortar we use trust, influence and evidence grounded in local context. We connect different groups so that they can understand each other better and find the common ground needed to jointly secure sustainable development.

IIED annual report 2013/14

Governments, NGOs, businesses, communities and individuals alike all help to shape equity, sustainability and social justice. But a mix of power differentials, vested interests and entrenched positions creates huge gaps between rich and poor, policy and practice, ideas and action, and investment and impact. 

IIED gathers the evidence and makes the connections needed to bridge the key divides across the environment-development landscape.

Our Annual Report, available in a condensed online format and in full in print, explores some of our work in this area in 2013-14, showing how we collaborate with partners to get local voices heard in regional, national and international decision-making arenas; and bring people from different cultures and sectors to share perspectives and experience.

It is the first time the institute has produced a bespoke online version of this key publication, containing a host of videos and interactive elements within a snapshot of IIED's areas of work over the past few years. We hope that by producing an online version, information about our activities will be available to a wider audience.

"Building bridges is central to achieving our mission. At IIED, we'll keep on building bridges to achieve a fairer, more sustainable future."

– Camilla Toulmin, director of IIED

Key content in the 2013-14 annual report

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