How information technology is empowering the women of SEWA in India

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Published: March 2024
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The Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) in India is a registered trade union and movement that was initiated in 1972. SEWA's aim is to advance the rights of women workers in the informal economy, through activities and programmes that contribute to their social and economic empowerment. Over the years, the movement has grown phenomenally, with a presence in 18 states across India and a total membership of over 2.5 million women as of 2023.

This case study shares how SEWA is harnessing information technology tools for empowering its members. SEWA leveraged the opportunities arising out of the government’s Digital India campaign and enmeshed them in its own activities to further its goal of women’s empowerment. 

Among the many tools and applications that are in use by and developed specifically for SEWA members, this case study focuses on four that have been selected because of their organisation-wide usage, for enhancing efficiency of core organisational functions and their significance in enhancing members’ access to markets and financial services. The case study shares lessons SEWA has taken from each of these.

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