TAMD: A framework for assessing climate adaptation and development effects

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Published: November 2012
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This briefing explains the concepts behind the Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development (TAMD) framework.

TAMD is a ‘twin track’ framework that evaluates adaptation success as a combination of how widely and how well countries or institutions manage climate risks (Track 1) and how successful adaptation interventions are in reducing climate vulnerability and in keeping development on course (Track 2). The aim is to generate bespoke frameworks for individual countries tailored to specific contexts.

TAMD’s dual approach can track adaptation at all levels and from all sources, from initiatives involving several countries, various interventions in a single country, and right down to local projects. It can assess whether climate change adaptation leads to effective development and also how development interventions can boost communities’ capacity to adapt to climate change. It does this by evaluating an intervention within and across the two tracks.

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