Gender Roles in Urban Climate Resilience: lessons from Hue, Vietnam

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Published: May 2016
ISBN: 9781784313487
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There is growing awareness in Southeast Asia about the significance of gender norms and roles in climate resilience. The expectations on, and responsibilities of, men and women differ due to differences in physical characteristics, and local physical, cultural and socio-economic conditions.

In this study, we find that Hue has its own special social and environmental identity that significantly influences its resilience to climate change. Gender roles are particularly important in relation to building that resilience. Women are perceived to make a more significant contribution to human well-being, accruing funds and offering mutual support at household and community level, while men are held responsible for safety, security and other continuity plans in communities. Challenging and changing these gender-based expectations will improve the capacity of both men and women to respond effectively to climate change.