Cambodia National Climate Change Monitoring & Evaluation Framework Workshop

Event/workshop report
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Published: March 2014
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Cambodia is highly vulnerable to climate change, and has been ranked as the second most affected country by extreme-weather events in 2011, with an estimated annual gDP loss of 3.1 percent.

The Royal government of Cambodia (RgC) is fully committed to address the challenges posed by climate change and is actively engaged in global and regional efforts.

A high level workshop for the development of a national M&E Framework for climate change response was conducted under the auspices of IIED in collaboration with the Climate Change Department, Ministry of Environment of Cambodia and the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) Project.

The purpose of the workshop was to engage policy makers, RgC ministries, CSOs and development partners in the development of the national framework, serving as a useful forum to present and discuss the first outline of the national framework.

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