Voices and flavours of the earth: Food sovereignty in the Andes

Article, 03 June 2013

Voices and flavours of the earth: Visualising food sovereignty in the Andes  (Los Sabores y las Voces de la Tierra: Visualizando la Soberanía Alimentaria en los Andes) is a multimedia publication that uses video, audio, images and text to describe how indigenous communities are drawing on their knowledge and cosmovisions to rethink the priorities and governance of food and agricultural research in the Andean Altiplano of Bolivia and Peru.

The work presented here is part of a larger international and multi-regional initiative known as Democratising the Governance of Food Systems. Citizens Rethinking Food and Agricultural Research for the Public Good.

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FVoices and flavours of the earth cover imageull publication (22.5Mb)  |  Publicación completa (22.3Mb)

Chronology of PASA activities/Glossary/Preface by Michel Pimbert  |  Cronología del PASA/Glosario/Prefacio de Michel Pimbert

1. Thinking and acting from the fields  |  Introducción: Pensar y actuar desde el campo

2. Actors  |  Actores

3. The virtues of participation  |  Las virtudes de la participación

4. Constructing food sovereignty  |  Construyendo la soberanía alimentaria

5. Wisdom networks  |  Las redes de sabios y sabias

6. Biographies of wise men and women  |  Biografías de sabias y sabios

7. Wisdom dialogues  |  Diálogo de saberes

8. The power of experience  |  La fuerza de las vivencias

Annexes  |  Anexos

This publication is part of the IIED series: Reclaiming Diversity and Citizenship  

Contact details for further information:

Michel Pimbert: Project leader and Director of the Centre for Agroecology and Food Security at Coventry University. Email: ab4781@coventry.ac.uk

Maruja Salas: Author of Voices and Flavours from the Earth, facilitator, documenter and advisor for farmer-scientist dialogues Email: mas49@gmx.net

Barbara Adolph: Principal researcher in the Natural resources group

Sabino Cutipa: Coordinator of Programa Andino de Soberania Alimentaria (PASA).

Timmi Tillmann: Facilitator. Email: Tillmann2003@gmx.net

Maja Tillmann: Film producer and community video trainer. Email: Maja.tillmann@gmx.net

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Themes: Food and agriculture, Biodiversity

Tags: Peru, Andean programme for Food Sovereignty, Food sovereignty, Indigenous knowledge, Food waste, Peru's Potato Park