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  • Screengrab of a videocall with eight people in a meeting room and five more online participants

    Digital tools amplify the voice of women in Peruvian communities

    Perú’s ollas comunes or community-led soup kitchens – a community response to COVID-19 based on solidarity, tradition and resilience that is breaking gender norms – have embraced a hybrid way of working to ensure women’s voices are heard

    11 November 2021 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Man wearing traditional clothing holds a plate with potatoes.

    Indigenous Peoples’ food systems and COVID-19

    In the run up to the UN Food Systems Summit in September 2021, the International Network of Mountain Indigenous

    19 August 2021 | Event | Biodiversity
  • A group of people gather around a pile of potatoes with mountains as a backdrop

    Indigenous Peoples’ food systems hold the key to feeding humanity

    A recent workshop hosted by IIED and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew explored how the way Indigenous Peoples grow and consume food holds answers to the world’s broken food system

    23 October 2020 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • A family harvesting potatoes in front of a lake, with a landscape of mountains in the background.

    Biocultural heritage territories: key to halting biodiversity loss

    A new briefing examines the importance of biocultural heritage territories, whose communities are custodians of biodiversity

    23 September 2020 | News | Biodiversity
  • Pope Francis met with indigenous leaders, including Yesica Patiachi who is from the Harakbut people, one of the three main ethnic groups in the Madre de Dios region

    On pilgrimage in Madre de Dios: starting a journey to sustainable artisanal mining

    Pope Francis condemned threats to the Amazon's peoples and forests when he visited Peru. After the world's media has moved on, what next for those working to improve the artisanal mining sector?

    7 February 2018 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • The Stone Village Seed Park lies in the Himalayan foothills of Yunnan, Southwest China. It is the homeland of the ethnic minority Naxi people. 

    Biocultural heritage territories film now in Spanish

    A visually stunning photofilm that profiles three biocultural heritage terriritories and their role in biodiversity conservation and locally determined development is now available in Spanish. Biocultural heritage territories protect indigenous and traditional land tenure and use land management to preserve fragile ecosystems and promote locally determined patterns of development

    30 August 2016 | News | Climate change
  • Participants at the workshop on sustainable cities organised by IIED and IIED-América Latina in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Photo: IIED-América Latina)

    Wanted: more inclusive, resilient, sustainable cities

    Eighty per cent of Latin Americans live in urban areas. The result is a complex and challenging urban agenda that needs to be addressed through integrated and inclusive policies. An IIED and IIED- América Latina workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, looked at examples of Latin American cities that are striving to become more inclusive, resilient and sustainable, from across the region

    20 November 2015 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • Peru's Quelccaya ice cap is the largest glaciated area in the tropics; glaciers play a significant role in Lima's water provision (Photo: Wikipedia via Creative Commons)

    Recognising the risks – what do people in Lima think about climate change?

    While heads of state, ministers and negotiators met in Lima, Peru, to try to negotiate a global deal at the UN climate talks, local people have been developing their own adaptation strategy – and seem to find it equally difficult to face up to the scale of the problem

    22 December 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • COP20 chair Manuel Pulgar Vidal, centre, was highly praised for his efforts to produce the Lima Call for Climate Action

    The long and winding road to Paris

    As the dust settles after the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP20), IIED sifts through the events in Lima

    19 December 2014 | News | Climate change
  • Francisco Sagasti (Photo: CADE Peru via Flickr)

    Negotiating a fair future at COP20

    On Monday 1 December, the UN Climate Change Conference 2014 kicks off in Lima. Peruvian IIED board member Francisco Sagasti discusses his hopes for a successful conference

    28 November 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • A Potato Park farmer in Peru leads the Potato Guardians collective (Photo: Adam Kerby)

    Return of potatoes from CIP to Andean farmers proves critical for climate adaptation

    Peru's farmers are able to access a greater diversity of potato varieties for climate adaptation, thanks to the continued work of a ground-breaking agreement between CIP, ANDES and the Association of the Potato Park communities

    27 November 2014 | News | Biodiversity
  • Images of indigenous biocultural heritage territories are profiled in a new photofilm (Photo: IIED)

    New photofilm profiles biocultural heritage territories

    IIED has released a new photofilm profiling indigenous biocultural heritage territories and the role they play in development, conservation and adaptation

    11 November 2014 | News | Biodiversity
  • Mountains such as the Andes, in Peru, are among the regions most affected by climate change (Photo: David Stanley via Creative Commons

    Indigenous spiritual values guide climate change adaptation in mountain communities

    Cultural and spiritual values of indigenous peoples and climate change will be the focus of an international event in the Potato Park, Cusco, Peru

    25 April 2014 | News | Climate change
  • Voices and flavours of the earth: Food sovereignty in the Andes

    Voices and flavours of the earth: Food sovereignty in the Andes

    Voices and flavours of the earth: Visualising food sovereignty in the Andes is a multimedia publication that uses video, audio, images and text to describe how indigenous communities are drawing on their knowledge and cosmovisions to rethink the priorities and governance of food and agricultural research in the Andean Altiplano of Bolivia and Peru.

    3 June 2013 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • Peruvian men and women on a mountainside, pouring water on the earth

    Learning to value Mother Earth

    Making informed choices about eating foods that have less of an environmental impact is increasingly important. We can all learn lessons from local communities living in the Andes

    2 June 2013 | Article | Biodiversity
  • Satellite image of the zinc, lead and silver mine in Cerro de Pasco, Peru.

    Report scopes sustainability of China-Latin America relations

    A study examining Chinese trade and investment in mining, agriculture and forestry in Chile, Brazil and Peru says sustainability is increasingly on the agenda.

    9 May 2013 | News | Sustainable markets
  • Roasted coffee beans.

    World Food Day: how do you keep co-operatives competitive?

    The Food and Agriculture Organization's 2012 World Food Day focuses on co-operatives.This time around co-operatives need to be what the small-scale farmers actually want. Sometimes that means something quite informal.

    15 October 2012 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Farmers sit in a field sharing potatoes in the Potato Park, Peru.

    Making the Nagoya Protocol work at the community level

    Two safeguards for communities' rights to resources can help implement the Nagoya Protocol.

    4 July 2012 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Small-scale producers in the globalised market

    The Latin American Learning Network members of the Knowledge Programme ‘Small producer agency in the globalised market’ convened in Lima from 12 to 16 September. They organised and participated in a series of meetings and events in conjunction with various prestigious organisations. The highlight of the programme was the International Forum ‘Small-scale producers: Actors in Globalised Markets and Food Security?’ on 14 September, organised by the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

    23 September 2011 | Event | Food and agriculture
  • Policy that works for biodiversity and poverty reduction

    IIED worked to understand how policy, economics and governance affect community-based initiatives, and how to better engage with governance in order to scale-up community initiatives and reduce poverty

    12 June 2008 | Project | Biodiversity
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