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15 November 2013 |

Everyone loves a game. Putting some fun into the serious subject of climate change can be a powerful way to explain risk and the hard choices we face.

28 February 2013 |

In recent days the blood of environmentalists has flowed once again. A man in China got beaten. A man in Thailand was shot dead. Both had campaigned against illegal pollution. They are just the latest in a long and fast growing list of people whose exposure of environmental crimes has made powerful men their enemies.

7 December 2012 |

Suriya Begum is a poor young mother from Bangladesh. When her photograph appeared in a media story about climate change earlier this year, it was only so the article could show a victim — not so it could share her views.

11 October 2012 |

Kenya’s pastoralists have an image problem. Their negative depiction by the Kenyan media ignores their knowledge and skills, which have led them to become a cornerstone of the country’s economy.

28 September 2012 |

Narrative means story, right? But not if you work on development policy, where narrative means something quite different: a framework for action, but one that can create problems if left to roll like a stone down a hill on its own.

19 September 2012 |

It’s a sad reflection of reality that my first reaction to the news of Hang Serei Oudom’s murder was not one of shock or surprise.

21 April 2012 |

Ha Thi Ngan is a young woman with a buzz about her. She's a beekeeper and her story provides a snapshot of the way poverty, nature and climate can combine to affect lives and set questions with no easy answers.

17 April 2012 |

Nguyen Viet Nghi’s enthusiasm was infectious as he showed off a scene of remarkable renewal in what was once a disaster zone.

21 February 2012 |

There’s plenty of room at the Hotel Sri Tahjung. Any time of year… you can find it here. But if you want to stay, you’ll need a pair of wings and plenty

6 January 2012 |

<p>What happens when 150 climate-change communicators get together to talk about their craft?</p>

8 December 2011 |

Busisiwe Ndlela was radiant when I met her yesterday. Just this month, and with money she earned selling tiny trees, she has bought a new cupboard and an electric stove and she is proud as can be.

4 December 2011 |

<p>Amid the shifting diplomatic sands of talks and texts, there are signs that some of the ground is starting to solidify at the UN Climate talks in Durban.</p>