Matt Wright's blog posts

20 April 2017 |

IIED recently hosted our first Twitter chat. Matt Wright reflects on getting the most out of targeted online discussions.

12 November 2016 |

It wasn't just the US election result causing upset among COP22 participants on Wednesday. Matt Wright highlights a slick new way of sharing data, creating a stir at this year's climate negotiations.

27 April 2016 |

The 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation offered field trips to see how people in urban environments are taking practical steps to deal with the impacts of climate change. IIED's Matt Wright reports.

18 March 2016 |

Photos exhibited at a recent conference on informal economies and green growth show people working in the informal sector in eight countries.

24 December 2015 |

A Christmas quiz sounded like a fun idea for the holiday period – but there were more challenges than expected in getting last year's quiz online (warning: this blog gets technical).

19 November 2015 |

Whether you're marking World Toilet Day or World Philosophy Day, IIED's web content manager has a list of dos and don'ts to help get your message across.

18 September 2015 |

IIED's animation about the Sustainable Development Goals took us into new territory – but what were we trying to achieve?

12 January 2015 |

The third and final round-up in a series looking at our best and most popular content of 2014 focuses on 10 of the most interesting ways IIED has used multimedia over the past 12 months.