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8 August 2018 |

Chinese investment and trade is having a huge impact on African forests. Our longread gives a full review of the issues, the project work to date and the way things are heading.

28 June 2018 |

Increasingly recognised as the irreplaceable basis of our natural world, biodiversity is also fundamental to human wellbeing and sustainable development. James Mayers looks at why effective conservation action is inextricably linked with development and social justice.

11 February 2016 |

Could innovative local organisations working with forests, together with the Paris climate agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and global financial crisis help deliver us into a post-capitalist era?

19 March 2015 |

As the European Union reviews its policy to import only legal tropical timber, a new report finds that incentives to harvest timber legally and sustainably from Ghana, one of Europe's key sources, are failing to deliver.

14 October 2013 |

A new publication provides communities and nongovernmental organisations with effective tools to secure equitable access to land and other natural resources.

20 March 2013 |

An African commodities boom is in full swing, stimulated greatly by Chinese market demand and growing Chinese investment in Africa’s forests and timber. On the eve of the International Day of Forests, James Mayers asks how Africans could be better informed about Chinese investments in their forests, and how stronger China-Africa dialogue could help ensure good management of forests and the timber trade.

4 December 2011 |

<p><strong><a href="http://www.iied.org/blogs/un-climate-negotiations-video-update-forest-day">Watch this video update</a> </strong>on key themes discussed at the UN Climate conference forest day.</p>

17 August 2011 |

Four years ago a peaceful street demonstration in Uganda against a government plan to allow the clearance of an area of important rainforest went badly wrong.

14 December 2010 |

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Dilys Roe and James Mayers
3 March 2018 |

To mark World Wildlife Day on 3 March, Dilys Roe and James Mayers highlight that, despite over 100 years of international investment in conservation in Africa, wildlife is in serious trouble. Clearly, conservation needs a rethink.