Diana Mitlin's blog posts

22 August 2017 |

A decade on from the global financial crisis, can the world's banks and financial institutions learn about value and values from grassroots savings schemes that help the world's lowest-income people?

1 November 2016 |

An event at Habitat III explored how innovative forms of community finance could be used to improve informal settlements and provide much needed adaptation to climate change.

26 October 2016 |

Voices from grassroots communities are being heard at Habitat III, but will this make a difference where it counts? Diana Mitlin writes from Quito.

10 September 2015 |

Persistence, celebration and the First Lady's help have turned around the fortunes of women's savings organisations helping to meet Namibia's housing needs.

11 March 2015 |

Community involvement in improving housing for low income families in Asian cities is changing approaches to funding – and delivering impressive results as well.

27 October 2014 |

Achieving universal access to sanitation is going to take a lot. In the urban context, high residential densities and extremely low incomes add to the challenge. New approaches will be required, and partnerships between organised communities and their local governments are going to be key.

13 June 2014 |

Around a quarter of Namibians live in informal urban neighbourhoods; they live without secure tenure and without adequate access to services. So how has the country gained its reputation for progressive state action on housing?

9 April 2014 |

Not so long ago in Zimbabwe, government officials and communities would have blamed each other for the poor state of high density, low-income neighbourhoods. But thanks to years of dialogue the two sides have come together.

9 December 2013 |

Urban development programmes have tended to treat livelihoods and shelter as separate problems to solve, when in fact they are closely linked. Grassroots organisations are increasingly seeking ways to tackle these challenges together, says Diana Mitlin.

22 August 2013 |

The recent news from Egypt is devastating but surely not that surprising. Despite the excitement arising from social mobilisation in 2011 and the hope and optimism that greeted the fall of President Mubarak and his allies, democracy has not been secured.

8 October 2012 |

As both public and private utility companies claim more of the scarce income painstakingly saved by low-income households, leading to reduced expenditure on food and other necessities, are they forgetting that their core function is to provide services and not just make money?

14 August 2012 |

Why have global leaders endorsed partial Millennium Development Goal targets, asks Diana Mitlin, leaving millions without water, sanitation or healthcare?