Citizen participation in planning: from the neighbourhood to the city

Journal (whole)
, pages
Published: October 2021
Environment and Urbanization
Product code:20571X

This issue explores how residents attempt to shape their cities, including the structures and obstacles to doing so. The diverse case studies cover a Roma settlement in Serbia; the legacies of participatory planning in Havana; urban poor networks in Dhaka; planning for green space in Kumasi; a special planning area in Nairobi; community water projects in northern Pakistan; urban policy councils in Brazil; and a former informal settlement in Mexico City.

The more general papers explore how participatory budgeting is being applied to climate change projects, how design is intersecting with participatory methods, and how the discipline of planning itself could embrace queer thinking.

The 'Climate Change in Cities' papers examine the adaptation strategies of two Asian communities: riverside slum households in Phnom Penh and resettled households in Chennai. One 'Feedback' paper covers inclusive recycling movements; the other analyses critical junctures in disaster risk management in Manizales.