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  • Fishermen dragging a net out of a river.

    Debt swaps for climate and nature outcomes in West Africa

    We urgently need to address the triple crisis of debt distress, biodiversity loss and climate change. This project will scope how this could be done through debt swaps for nature and climate outcomes in four countries in coastal West Africa

    1 February 2021 | Project | Biodiversity
  • Guinea's Kaleta dam was completed by a Chinese company in 2015, ending chronic power shortages in the capital city, Conakry (Photo: Jamie Skinner/IIED)

    How a new ECOWAS directive could change the way dams are built and managed in West Africa

    Is there such a thing as a good dam-building project? Jérôme Koundouno shares his view on why he thinks a ground-breaking new policy directive could achieve its goal – where large dams power national development while respecting the environment and bringing benefits to all

    8 August 2017 | Blog | Water
  • Rhinos in the Serengeti National Park. The International Union for Conservation of Nature estimates that poachers killed at least 1,338 rhinos across Africa in 2015 (Photo: Nicholas Maxim, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    New report: local people are crucial to combating illegal wildlife trade

    A new report on combating the illegal trade in wildlife highlights the vital importance – and complexities – of involving indigenous people and local communities in conservation efforts. The report, entitled 'Beyond enforcement: involving indigenous peoples and local communities in combating illegal wildlife trade', documents a workshop in Limbe, Cameroon, in February 2016 which brought together practitioners, government officials and researchers from 12 countries to discuss how to combat illegal wildlife trade

    3 August 2016 | News | Biodiversity
  • A woman farmer

    Women pay heavier price for big dams

    On International Women's Day, we look at how relocating to make way for big dams in West Africa has particular impacts on women

    8 March 2016 | Blog | Gender
  • Wildlife can be a key asset for rural communities in Africa, providing a foundation for economic development through tourism (Photo: Paolo, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Regional workshop: exploring community-based efforts to tackle illegal wildlife trade in West/Central Africa

    IIED and partners are this week hosting a workshop in Cameroon on how to combat illegal wildlife trade (IWT)

    23 February 2016 | News | Biodiversity
  • Women smallholders replanting rice in the irrigated area around the Bagré dam in Burkina Faso (Photo: Barbara Adolph/IIED)

    Water and land rights – hand-in-hand for sustainable development

    The recent Stockholm World Water Week provided plenty of opportunities to explore the links between water and land rights, and the importance of these rights for ensuring sustainable development at both local and national level

    25 September 2015 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • GWI West Africa at World Water Week 2015 (Photo: Lucile Robinson/GWI)

    Towards socially just and economically viable dams in West Africa: World Water Week 2015

    The annual World Water Week in Stockholm focuses on a wide range of issues relating to water across the globe. This year's theme was 'Water for development'. GWI West Africa held a side event at World Water Week 2015, titled 'Towards socially just and economically viable dams in West Africa'. The event was designed to share some of the lessons learnt from our work in West Africa and exchange experiences with others from across the globe

    22 September 2015 | Event | Water
  • Temegnush Dhabi owns a two-hectare farm in central Ethiopia, growing chick peas. "I’m no longer seen as a poor widow but a successful farmer" (Photo: The Gates Foundation via Flickr)

    Women's land rights and Africa's development conundrum – which way forward?

    In many African countries women lose out from patriarchal legal and cultural traditions. How can these practices be changed to benefit everyone?

    12 December 2014 | Blog | Gender
  • Farmers and administrators discuss land issues

    Securing land rights in West Africa

    Land is life for millions of people across rural Africa. It is central for ensuring they have enough food to eat. Even if they are involved in other trades, land is an essential safety net for the rural poor during times of economic instability and helps define cultures and identities

    9 October 2014 | Project | Land acquisitions and rights
  • WoDaabe pastoralists are one of the most mobile and specialised pastoral communities in the Sahel (Photo: Stephen Anderson)

    Supporting pastoral mobility in East and West Africa

    Livestock mobility is crucial for ensuring high livestock productivity, market access and building prosperous and peaceful societies in the drylands. IIED and partners documented a number of successful initiatives to facilitate mobility and experimented with scenario planning to help empower pastoralists and allow them to influence decisions on policy or resource allocation

    17 December 2012 | Project | Climate change
  • Putting farmers first: Democratising and reshaping agricultural research in West Africa

    UK parliamentarians and civil servants will this week join African farmers, international donors and scientists in a policy dialogue that aims to reshape agricultural research to serve development goals and the public good.

    31 January 2012 | News | Food and agriculture
  • Five ways to bring benefits from large dams to local communities

    A study into how large dams in West Africa have affected local people has identified ways to share the benefits of future dams more equitably and create development opportunities for communities.

    23 November 2011 | News | Natural resource management
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