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  • A data collector speaks to a householder.

    Helping Indigenous communities secure land rights in Nepal

    A land rights project in Nepal is working with young people to map land claims and help more than 2,000 Indigenous farmers get legal title to the lands their families have farmed for generations. The project is being supported by local officials and is attracting interest from local governments across Nepal

    18 December 2020 | Article | Land acquisitions and rights
  • A photo of a woman.

    Protecting Indigenous lands: lessons from Chile

    The Colla are a legally recognised Indigenous People who live in the Atacama Region of northern Chile.

    17 November 2020 | Article | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Woman cutting weeds in forest.

    What’s needed to halt threats to rural land rights in Cameroon

    A new briefing explores the gap between statuary and customary land tenure systems in Cameroon, and suggests ways to advance land reform so that the rights of all are protected

    9 September 2020 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
  • a small farm

    Strengthening land governance, local to global

    Land is life for billions of people worldwide, sustaining economic activities, social identity, ecological and cultural value. IIED works with partners to secure local rights in the face of growing pressures on land

    4 June 2020 | Project | Governance
  • An aerial view of the Southwest Mau Forest and neighbouring tea estates in Kenya (Photo: Patrick Sheperd/CIFOR, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Development finance and land rights: how we can do better

    Ahead of the World Bank conference on land and poverty, Lorenzo Cotula and Brendan Schwartz discuss how development finance institutions can better address land rights issues

    22 March 2019 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • A water connection to link the Lobé river to Kribi harbour, South Region, Cameroon

    LandCam: securing land and resource rights and improving governance in Cameroon

    Cameroon is revising its land and natural resource laws. This project supports this effort by piloting approaches to improve resource governance in rural areas and by helping citizens participate in the policy reform process

    8 May 2017 | Project | Governance
  • David Arach presented Namati's approach to community land protection, focusing on the key stage of community by-laws drafting, in the IIED webinar (Image: David Arach)

    Using community by‑laws to protect indigenous and rural land rights

    A recent IIED webinar explored how developing community by-laws that suit local needs can be a powerful way of protecting the lands of indigenous peoples and rural communities

    1 December 2016 | Blog | Communication
  • Consultation of local communities affected by the Kandadji dam about long-term leases to secure land tenure (Photo: GWI West Africa)

    From traditional land rights to long-term leases: fair compensation?

    In the face of displacement due to large-scale development projects, can innovative legal solutions be used to protect smallholders' land rights?

    2 June 2015 | Blog | Water
  • Young man collecting water from a pool with camels in background. Kindjandji, Niger.

    GWI West Africa: project background

    Agriculture in large-scale rice irrigation schemes needs to be made to work for both the state, in terms of economic returns and national food security, and for the smallholders whose livelihoods depend on it. When it comes to the development of new dams and large-scale irrigation, more information is needed about their economic viability and how the water, land, and economic benefits can be shared equitably to support local development

    1 November 2014 | Project | Water
  • The implications of land-use dynamics for poor households and the environment are explored in the short film 'Karachi Rising' (Photo: IIED)

    Spreading the word about Karachi's contested land

    A report on land ownership and low-income housing is influencing future urban planners

    14 September 2014 | Article | Urban
  • Sheep wander past a former IDP camp in northern Uganda.

    Uganda: Breaking the links between the land and the people

    Land tenure relations are changing fast, but no one is asking how these drastic changes will transform the lives of Ugandans who depend on land for their identity, social status and livelihoods.

    11 March 2013 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Tanzania: Moving beyond ‘land grab’ rhetoric to finding solutions

    This is not an unusual story in Tanzania. Newspapers are being filled with “land grab” headlines. Stories about displacement and dodgy land deals are becoming normal street-side conversation.

    5 April 2012 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Delivering REDD+: can past lessons help in tempering optimism and making headway?

    The International Year of Forests is celebrating the importance of forests and raising the profile of challenges and opportunities. The perceived value of forests has been raised by the recognition of their role in mitigating climate change. But the International Year of Forests is a momentous reminder that there are still unresolved issues.

    9 May 2011 | Blog | Forests
  • Climate adaptation: old wine in new bottles?

    29 March 2011 | Blog | Climate change
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