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  • A street scene with pedestrians, stallholders, motorbikes and cars

    Making Indian cities inclusive means making them more walkable

    Walking, cycling and using public transport are the main ways of getting around Indian cities. But as India's cities expand and car ownership increases, pedestrians are being marginalised – and their safety is being put at risk

    5 June 2019 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • Smog over Kathamandu. Air pollution in Nepal's capital regularly breaches the World Health Organisation's safety guidelines (Kashish Das Shrestha)

    Clearing the air in Kathmandu

    As one of the world's fastest urbanising countries, how can Nepal manage growing demand for transport and electricity, while ensuring clean air?

    7 June 2016 | Blog | Energy
  • Three-wheeler vehicles known as Quinqis are a popular and cheap method of transport in Karachi, but they cause considerable congestion (Photo: Carol Mitchell, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Karachi's transport challenge

    Karachi desperately needs a better transport system. Government efforts have repeatedly failed, yet the authorities are reluctant to allow innovative solutions to rule the road

    13 August 2015 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • Braking Beijing’s car addiction

    Driven by subsidies for small cars and an ever increasing middle class, the Chinese year of the tiger saw a ferocious increase in the car industry — a whopping 18.1 million vehicles (including 13.8 million cars) were sold in China in 2010, up by a third from the previous year. But will new efforts by Beijing combat both the booming economy and the grid-locked streets? And is this another example of China setting a new course for a greener future?

    20 January 2011 | Blog | Urban
  • Another look at the slump’s silver linings

    Few lobbyists or negotiators at the Copenhagen Climate Change conference advocated one solution to the urgent task of slashing greenhouse gas emissions – a deeper, longer, uglier recession.

    11 January 2010 | Blog | Economics
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