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  • IIED's three-and-a-half minute film to communicate the ambitions and universal reach of the SDGs had been viewed almost 20,000 times by February 2017 (Image: IIED/Hands Up)

    IIED's work on the post-2015 agenda

    It took three years of international negotiations to agree the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the agenda for 2030. The scope and ambition of the SDGs resonate with IIED's work for a fairer and greener world

    27 February 2017 | Article | Governance
  • An image of villagers in a remote village in northern Bangladesh proudly displaying their first solar panel, purchased with a micro loan. Bangladesh aspires to be one of the world's largest solar providers (Photo: ILO in Asia and the Pacific, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Q&A: A shift in mindset for the LDCs

    The Least Developed Countries need a new way of thinking if they are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, says Saleemul Huq

    3 June 2016 | Article | Governance
  • An image of the front of a stationary train on the Addis Ababa light rail system, which opened in 2015, and was the first to be built in Sub-Saharan Africa. The two railway lines, which have their own dedicated power grid, demonstrate how Ethiopia is seeking low-carbon energy initiatives (Photo: Wikipedia, via Google licence)

    Q&A: Linking low-carbon pathways with the SDGs

    Youba Sokona discusses the challenges and opportunities around low-carbon development in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals

    30 May 2016 | Article | Policy and planning
  • An image of a man faking injury being treated by a Bangladesh firefighter as part of a training exercise on collaborative search and rescue operations, helping the city to respond more effectively to disasters (Photo: Oregon National Guard, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Q&A: Making the SDG agenda work for LDCs

    Farah Kabir discusses how the Least Developed Countries have been driving their own sustainable development, and outlines what's needed for these vulnerable countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

    25 May 2016 | Article | Climate change
  • An image showing two men on the roof of a school in Zambia carrying out a macrosolar installation. Sustainable energy solutions for Least Developed Countries were discussed at the event in London (Photo: Steve Woodward)

    Reimagining development in the LDCs: what role for the SDGs?

    The challenges and opportunities that the Sustainable Development Goals create for Least Developed Countries were discussed at an event in London in June

    9 May 2016 | Event | Climate change
  • The UN poster showing all 17 sustainable development goals (Image: UN photo)

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): IIED and the new global agenda on sustainable development

    In September 2015, the global community agreed the Sustainable Development Goals, setting out new development priorities for all countries, post-2015. The 17 new goals have been designed to integrate global ambitions on tackling poverty, reducing inequality, combating climate change, and protecting ecosystems including oceans, forests and biodiversity. It is an ambitious and universal agenda.

    15 March 2016 | Article | Governance
  • Kenya: Farmers visit a crop trial site to select the best sorghum varieties for climate resilience. Most climate change adaptation is done day-to-day by farmers, pastoralists, fishers and the urban poor.  (Photo: S. Kilungo, CCAFS, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    The SDGs must carry us beyond Paris to 2030

    The Sustainable Development Goals, to be agreed in New York later this month, are a key step on the road to a climate agreement in Paris in December, but must set the agenda for resilient low carbon development beyond Paris to 2030

    10 September 2015 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • A typhoon hits shanties in Manila. Urban governments, which are already struggling to provide basic infrastructure services, also need to build resilience to climate change (Photo: Ernie Penaredondo/Global Water Partnership, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    The SDGs and 'a new urban agenda'?

    If the world delivers on the Sustainable Development Goals, will IIED be out of a job? The SDGs may have a lot to say about what needs to be achieved but not about how, by whom and with what funding and support. There is hardly any mention of local government and local civil society. But you cannot meet the commitments listed above or indeed most of the other goals and targets in urban areas without their support.

    8 September 2015 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • Essam Yassin Mohammed argues that Goal 14 cannot be seen in isolation from the other Sustainable Development Goals (Image: IIED)

    Understanding the SDGs: the importance of Goal 14

    Conserving our oceans and marine resources is critical to an integrated approach to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, argues Essam Yassin Mohammed

    7 September 2015 | News | Fisheries
  • IIED produced an animation to raise awareness of the SDGs and the potential of the new development agenda (Image: IIED/Hands Up)

    Global goals for sustainable development

    The final text of the Sustainable Development Goals marks an important advance for the international development community, but enormous challenges still lie ahead

    2 September 2015 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • The Independent Expert Group has produced a series of publications (Image: IIED)

    The work of the Least Developed Countries Independent Expert Group

    Since its creation in 2013, the Least Developed Countries Independent Expert Group (IEG) has provided an independent voice for sustainable development of LDCs, contributing ideas, expertise and challenges to international debates

    7 August 2015 | Article | Governance
  • The Least Developed Countries Independent Expert Group (Image: IIED)

    Least Developed Countries Independent Expert Group

    The Least Developed Countries Independent Expert Group was an informal group of individuals with a deep commitment to sustainable development and an understanding of the challenges to achieving it in the world's poorest countries

    3 August 2015 | Article | Governance
  • A satellite phone provided by Télécoms Sans Frontières, with European Commission funding, enables a man from Tanna island to finally talk to loved ones ten days after communications were cut off by Cyclone Pam in March 2015 (Photo: TSF, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Finance, Addis and the Sustainable Development Goals

    Ahead of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa, some of the world's Least Developed Countries have been sharing their priorities

    7 July 2015 | News | Climate change
  • A women carries supplies through a flooded street in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti, after thousands were displaced following floods in 2014. Studies have shown that, when they are socially or economically disadvantaged, more women die in hurricanes and floods (Photo: United Nations Photo, Creative Comms via Flickr)

    Will climate change render the SDGs impossible?

    Later this year, countries will be meeting at a UN Summit in New York to agree on a set of post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which will build on the Millennium Development Goals

    19 June 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • Deforestation in Bhutan: forests are a prime example of how an integrated approach to policymaking can prevent benefits in one area undermining wellbeing elsewhere (Photo: Curt Carnemark/World Bank, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Integration: will the UN Forum on Forests lead the way?

    Ahead of the UN Forum on Forests meeting in New York, IIED’s Jonathan Reeves argues that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – particularly for forests – depends upon integration and compromise and asks whether the political will exists to lay aside egos and break down institutional barriers

    1 May 2015 | Blog | Forests
  • Saleemul Huq, left, discusses 2015's big issues with negotiators and ambassadors from the Least Developed Countries in New York in early April (Photo: Claire Hatfield/IIED)

    2015: a critical year for the Least Developed Countries

    As four major strands of global decision-making come together in 2015, IIED senior fellow Saleemul Huq explains why they are so important for the world's least developed countries

    17 April 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • Securing land rights for indigenous peoples, such as these members of the Xingu tribe, pictured in Brazil, is critical to alleviating poverty (Photo: Rights and Resources Initiative)

    Securing indigenous and community land rights in the future we want

    Explicit inclusion of secure land rights for local communities and indigenous peoples is key to "leaving no one behind" in global Sustainable Development Goals, writes Jenny Springer of Rights and Resources Initiative

    24 March 2015 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Dr Andrew Norton will take on the role as IIED director from 29 June (Photo: Andrew Norton)

    IIED's new director takes on the post-2015 agenda

    The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) today announced the appointment of Dr Andrew Norton as director, replacing outgoing director Dr Camilla Toulmin at the end of June

    23 March 2015 | News | Communication
  • Negotiations went long into the night at COP20 in Lima, Peru, but the road to dignity seems no clearer (Photo: Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores Gonzalo Gutiérrez Reinel, via Creative Commons)

    Can the road to Paris lead to the road to dignity?

    After climate negotiations drew to a close in Lima, Jonathan Reeves reflects on the UN Secretary General's synthesis report on the post-2015 agenda and asks whether the "road to dignity" will take us to the right destination.

    15 December 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • A view of the Houses of Parliament, home of the Environmental Audit Committee which has  warned that the government risks undermining new global development goals (Photo: Skeeze, via pixabay)

    SDGs 'not just for overseas'

    In its latest report, the UK parliament's Environmental Audit Committee has warned that the government risks undermining new global development goals, following evidence that the UK has been seeking to limit their scope and ambition

    15 December 2014 | News | Governance
  • Delegates at the 20th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP20) in Lima, Peru (Photo: Kate Wilson/IIED)

    D&C Days in Lima to highlight 'historic opportunity' to reduce poverty and emissions to zero (#zerozero)

    Extreme poverty and the impacts of climate change can be overcome by far-sighted, joined-up action on both at once, the Development and Climate Days event at UN climate talks in Peru will hear

    4 December 2014 | News | Climate change
  • Peru’s Belen Valley is a landscape largely uninhabited by humans, but home to hummingbirds, the spectacled bear and more than 50 species native to the area (Photo: Leendeleo via Flickr)

    Have your say: Enabling forest landscapes to score Sustainable Development Goals

    IIED co-hosted a discussion at the Global Landscapes Forum in Lima, Peru, on how forest landscapes can score Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    3 December 2014 | Event | Climate change
  • The capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, is one of the world's largest cities. It is surrounded by rivers and lies only a few metres above sea level. The urban poor living in flood-prone areas are most threatened by climate change (Photo: David Dodman/IIED)

    The IPCC and an urbanising planet

    The IPCC's Fifth Assessment gets the importance of understanding and acting on urbanisation

    6 November 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Lushoto, Tanzania: Farmers are being encouraged to diversify into agroforestry. Here a tree nursery group discusses the challenges and opportunities (Photo: P Kimeli/CCAFS)

    Look beyond the trees: the SDGs will have to do more than just 'protect forests'

    A UN working group has drafted targets to succeed the Millennium Development Goals, which will expire next year. IIED's assessment finds a strong set of targets, but also trade-offs and missing issues

    4 November 2014 | Blog | Forests
  • Camilla Toulmin has led IIED since 2004

    Camilla Toulmin to step down in 2015

    IIED director Camilla Toulmin writes about her decision to step down after ten years, and outlines how the institute will search for her successor

    29 October 2014 | Blog | Communication
  • Prakash Mathema speaking at the opening ceremony of the 8th annual conference on community-based adaptation to climate change (CBA8) held in Kathmandu, Nepal in April 2014 (Photo: IIED)

    Q&A: Helping the poorest nations with development goals

    The Least Developed Countries (LDCs) want their voices heard at climate and development talks. They will need a range of support to build their capacity to meet their development goals

    19 September 2014 | Article | Climate change
  • Drought affects Xinjiang Province, a consequence of climate change (Photo: Simon Lim)

    Well-financed climate change action must be central to the post-2015 goals

    Climate change and sustainable development are inextricably linked. It is critical, therefore, that the post-2015 sustainable development agenda fully embeds climate change

    4 September 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Poultry farming is part of the sustainable agriculture system, along with crop production and fisheries, at Songhai Centre, in Porto Novo, Benin (Photo: Mark Surman via Creative Commons

    LDC experts to share ideas on building productive capacity

    How can Least Developed Countries (LDCs) progress so they are no longer held back by extreme poverty? A conference next week in Cotonou, Benin, will address this issue, bringing together ministers and experts from LDCs, along with UN representatives and development experts.

    25 July 2014 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • Meceburi Forest, near Nampula, Mozambique (Photo: Mike Goldwater)

    The Musketeers of development

    Does the zero draft of the Sustainable Development Goals take enough note of the crucial interdependencies between goal areas?

    16 July 2014 | Blog | Forests
  • Street scene, Karachi, Pakistan. Photo by Fareena Chanda

    Can we change the goals of development without changing the implementers?

    The latest draft of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets contains a stunning list of commitments, but fails to address how we will achieve them.

    9 July 2014 | Blog | Urban
  • People need at least US$50 to survive for a month in Hanoi. This is twice the official urban poverty line (Photo via Commons Wikimedia/Google licence)

    If we don't count the poor, the poor don't count

    Research in several countries shows how governments and development agencies undercount the scale and depth of urban poverty

    12 June 2014 | Blog | Poverty
  • Two forest farmers from Ghana, including the head of a local community forest group, alongside some cocoa beans (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Integrating forests into the post-2015 development framework

    This IIED project aimed to install forest-related targets and indicators into the post-2015 development framework, contributing towards notional goal areas on poverty reduction and equality, economic growth and employment, food security, water and energy, climate change, ecosystems and biodiversity

    21 May 2014 | Project | Forests
  • Participants in the gender and environmental change workshop discuss REDD+ (Photo: Lucile Robinson/IIED)

    Making gender equality a global and local reality

    The UNFCCC has taken significant steps to promote women's increased participation in the global climate change negotiations process. It's a gain for gender equality, but gaps remain

    21 May 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Residents of an informal settlement in Pune, India, discuss the results of a survey and how best to upgrade their homes and settlement, guided by Mahila Milan, a grassroots network formed by savings groups of women slum and pavement dwellers (Photo: SPARC)

    Wanted: Urban data revolution for post 2015 sustainable development goals

    Around a billion people live in informal urban settlements that lack essential services and security, so the concerns of these people should be high on the agenda when agreeing a new set of sustainable development goals

    16 April 2014 | Blog | Poverty
  • In the absence of electricity, students in Bangladesh are given charger lights so they can study at home (Photo: G.M.B. Akash/PANOS)

    Ensuring an Energy Sustainable Development Goal delivers for poor people and the planet

    In late February, discussions over the post-2015 development agenda reached a milestone. The co-Chairs of the Open Working Group (OWG), the body tasked with preparing a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposal for consideration by the UN General Assembly in September 2014, issued a "Focus Areas Document".

    25 March 2014 | Blog | Energy
  • Demonstrating the use of alternative building materials at the Jinja Building Materials Training Centre, Uganda. (Photo: David Dodman)

    Reducing risks to urban health and building climate resilience

    Climate change, health and urban resilience are all connected, and this means research and policy in these arenas must join up

    17 March 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Rosebell Kagumire was among the delegates at the conference discussing the post-2015 development framework: priorities for the least developed countries, in late January (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

    Media missing from UN drive to engage millions on post-2015 development agenda

    Rosebell Kagumire says consultations on the future of global development framework should involve journalists or they will fail to reach the masses.

    4 February 2014 | Blog | Communication
  • Wilton Park is the venue for a conference on sustainable development goals from January 29-31 (Photo: Wilton Park)

    Post-2015 development framework: priorities for LDCs – coverage from Wilton Park

    From January 29-31, Wilton Park hosted a conference enabling frank and open dialogue between those in the political process of setting 'sustainable development goals' and those in least developed countries (LDCs) who will need to implement the goals.

    30 January 2014 | Event | Governance
  • Fish for sale in a Sri Lankan market. Credit: Dhammika Heenpella (Flickr /

    Ten ways to ensure there are plenty more fish in the sea

    Sustainable fisheries must be central to the new global development goals that all nations will pursue from 2015, says Essam Yassin Mohammed.

    28 January 2014 | Blog | Fisheries
  • Construction workers build a hotel in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. Credit: Overseas Development Institute / Antony Robbins (Creative Commons

    Time to hear LDC voices on Post-2015 development goals

    The post-2015 development agenda will most profoundly affect the least developed countries (LDCs), so it's essential that people in these countries have a greater say in what the goals look like.

    10 December 2013 | Blog | Governance
  • Young people in Okola, Cameroon, cluster around a Global Positioning System that they are using to create a community map with geographical features.

    Future world: addressing the contradictions of planet, people, power and profits

    Our new paper on global trends aims to provoke debate as part of the process of developing IIED’s new five-year strategy. Read it and tell us what you think.

    7 June 2013 | Blog | Natural resource management
  • A mom and her newborn baby at the Maternal & Child Health Training Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    New international development goals: score or miss?

    The UN Secretary General's High-Level Panel has published their set of recommendations for international development. What is the verdict? How do they ‘score’?

    5 June 2013 | Blog | Green economy
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