SD goals from a forest perspective: Transformative, universal and integrated?

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Published: July 2014
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Forests and landscapes with trees are such an important part of a number of different Sustainable Development Goals that we recommend working towards a transformative ‘forest module’. The modular approach improves on the more limited current focus on sustainable forest management, deforestation and reforestation targets. It makes explicit the diversity of targets needing inclusion and resolution in order to create an enabling environment that would yield much greater sustainable development outcomes for forests, landscapes and livelihoods.

With the negotiation phase nearing, our assessment of the UN Open Working Group’s zero draft finds a strong set of goals and targets, yet with several potentially serious trade-offs and missing issues. Application of our modular approach can help negotiators seek coherent outcomes across the goal framework and enable integrated implementation at the national level. What are the most important sustainable development outcomes delivered by forests and what are the key levers of change?

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