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  • Ongoing monitoring of communal toilets has helped to improve design: here, smaller toilets for children are included in adult toilet blocks. Previously children's facilities were in separate buildings and were frequently left uncleaned (Photo: SPARC)

    How India's slum and pavement dwellers made sanitation affordable

    In India, slum and pavement dwellers' organisations have designed and managed a programme of community toilets and washing facilities that are used by hundreds of thousands of households. Guest blogger Sheela Patel describes how this was achieved

    5 April 2015 | Blog | Poverty
  • Hope and high water

    Dharavi is a place where worlds collide. One of Asia’s biggest slums, it is also an urban powerhouse of micro-entrepreneurism generating over half a billion dollars a year. As IIED director Camilla Toulmin walked its lanes, she found people facing an uncertain future with humour and hope intact.

    18 December 2008 | Article | Poverty
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