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  • Men stand on lorries loading and unloading sacks at a busy market.

    Trade and sustainable development

    To address the climate, nature and inequality crises, we need a better understanding of how international trade rules can support, or undermine, sustainable development. A new IIED research theme aims to develop knowledge, relationships and research capacities to address this challenge

    14 June 2022 | Project | Economics
  • Street food: the debate on food security must adapt to consider how consumption and urbanisation are transforming rural spaces and economies, food systems and food security (Photo: Cecilia Tacoli/IIED)

    If food security is the answer, is it time to change the question?

    The growing number of people living in cities – and changes in rural-urban linkages – are re-shaping our relationship with food. Policymakers need to take note

    23 February 2015 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Review of strategic environmental assessment

    The strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of policies, plans and programmes is a rapidly evolving field.

    28 April 2008 | Project | Policy and planning
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