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  • Guns handed in at the start of a disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration programme run by the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (Photo: Sophia Paris/UN Photo, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Q&A: How to negotiate safe access to gang-ruled neighbourhoods in areas of urban crises

    In the latest issue of Environment & Urbanization, Moritz Schuberth examines the added difficulties humanitarian actors face when dealing with crises in urban neighbourhoods ruled by gangs. Schuberth studied the neighbourhoods of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake to find out how agencies can deliver the most effective response

    15 November 2017 | Article | Urban
  • Around 80 per cent of schools in Haiti are privately run, and the good ones too expensive for children from poor areas like Cité Soleil (Photo: Breezy Baldwiin, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Ending endemic violence through education in Cité Soleil

    How to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for children growing up in a violent slum? An innovative project in Haiti faces big challenges

    10 June 2016 | Blog | Governance
  • In 2010 a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti. Six years later, there has been progress in rebuilding, but much remains to be done (Photo: iolanda, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Q&A: LDC Independent Expert Group chair on the SDGs and tackling inequality

    Former Prime Minister of Haiti Michèle Duvivier Pierre-Louis discusses the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals and reducing inequalities related to gender, trade and climate change

    8 June 2016 | Article | Governance
  • A riverbank management site in Chantal, Haiti, where the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) helped construct walls to protect communities from hurricane impacts (Photo: UNDP, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Q&A: Haiti aims for 31% CO2 emission reduction by 2030

    In the sixth of our interviews with representatives from the Least Developed Country Group ahead of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) talks in Paris (COP21), Fanfan Jordan, director of the Ministry of Environment's climate change programme talks about Haiti's climate plan and loss and damage

    24 November 2015 | Article | Climate change
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