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  • Group of people sitting outside in a semi-circle looking at someone presenting

    Message to the Green Climate Fund board: step up finance access for the most vulnerable

    Earlier this year, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) released new guidelines to help vulnerable countries enhance their direct access to international climate finance. Ahead of the GCF board meeting next week, we set out why the fund needs to go further – and how

    12 March 2021 | Blog | Climate change
  • Fledgling mangroves with a woman on the right of the image

    Devolved Climate Finance (DCF) Alliance

    An alliance of government and non-government organisations is promoting a mechanism for delivering climate finance to the local level for inclusive climate adaptation

    28 January 2021 | Article | Climate change
  • A slide from the presentation

    IIED launches training webinar to help get climate finance to the local level

    A new online training webinar from IIED sets out the steps local institutions can take to access climate finance, as well as the good practices donors can follow to make sure they can get money to where it matters

    11 January 2021 | News | Climate change
  • Community group siting in a circle and listening to a speaker

    Raising ambition in locally-led action for 2021: calling for business unusual

    Four briefings and a new working paper from our ‘Money where it matters’ series explore the benefits and challenges of getting development and climate finance flowing to the local level

    16 November 2020 | News | Climate change
  • A flooded street

    Podcast: four countries working together to get climate finance to the local level

    Government and non-government institutions in Senegal, Mali, Tanzania and Kenya are working out the best and most inclusive way to get funding for sustainable climate investment to the local level. Members of this devolved climate finance alliance share their experience in a new podcast

    22 April 2020 | News | Climate change
  • A flooded house

    2020: the year to get money where it matters

    More new initiatives, such as the Global Commission on Adaptation’s Locally Led Adaptation Action Track, are beginning to recognise the critical role of poor and marginalised people in tackling the climate emergency. From the Gobeshona conference, Andrew Norton and Saleemul Huq explain why a reimagined climate finance system that gets money into the hands of those people must be high on the 2020 ‘super year’ agenda

    20 January 2020 | Blog | Climate change
  • Two women look out over the rising sea water

    COP25 must ensure help for the countries most affected by the climate crisis

    Ahead of COP25, IIED is calling for urgent climate action along with focused support for the most vulnerable

    2 December 2019 | News | Climate change
  • A photo of a man addressing a conference, pictured through the heads of those listening

    Leading on nature: can the new Secretary of State deliver bold action on environment and poverty?

    The UK's new Secretary of State for International Development has impressed with a strong public statement on the need to focus aid funding on climate and environmental challenges. IIED welcomes his commitment, and suggests an agenda for action

    31 May 2019 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • A woman in Malawi carries a solar panel above her head through a forest path

    Climate adaptation: its time is now

    As adaptation shares more of the limelight, champions of community-based adaption have messages on three key areas that international policymakers must hear

    29 May 2019 | Blog | Climate change
  • The nuts of the Babacu palm have a high oil content and many uses. The Babacu Fund is delivering climate finance to landless palm nut collectors in the Brazilian Amazon (Photo: JcPietro, Creative Commons via Wikimeida)

    CBA13: Adaptation finance – show us the money

    Nisha Krishnan and Stephen Porter will lead the ‘climate finance’ theme at this year’s community-based adaptation event. In this Q&A they discuss what’s in store

    19 February 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • Policymakers in Kenya meet with researchers and smallholder farmers to learn about locally appropriate solutions to climate change (Photo: Timothy Mwaura, CIGAR)

    Devolved climate finance approach forges new ways of working between citizens and state

    Devolved climate finance programmes incorporate local knowledge and community priorities into decisions about how climate finance is planned and budgeted. At CBA12, practitioners will discuss the different components of these programmes, exploring the environment when they are most effective and why, and sharing experiences from several contexts

    9 May 2018 | Blog | Climate change
  • A man herds goats amid the dust

    Responding to climate change in Kenya by strengthening dryland governance and planning

    The Kenya Adaptation Consortium is demonstrating that local climate adaptation planning, supported by county government-managed devolved funds, informed by community priorities and enhanced by climate information services, renders significant benefits for people in poor and marginalised households in the most drought prone areas

    6 March 2018 | Project | Climate change
  • The Earth is reflected in a drop of water on a leaf (Photo: Juan Horna, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Changing landscapes: key issues for action on sustainable development in 2018

    As we face up to the challenges of the coming year, how does the global landscape for sustainable development look? IIED director Andrew Norton offers his thoughts on the key debates and changes we may see during 2018, and what they might mean for IIED's work

    5 January 2018 | Blog | Climate change
  • Diagram showing the traditional channels for delivering aid (Image: IIED)

    Money where it matters: local finance to implement the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement

    IIED is researching the benefits and challenges of devolving development and climate finance to the local level,  and is helping to build local-level capacity to access and manage resources

    25 January 2017 | Article | Climate change
  • The construction of the CCCF Mega Dam in Makueni County, Kenya is an example of local action during a devolved climate finance pilot project (Photo: Japheth Mutuku)

    Decentralised model gets climate finance moving

    A side event at COP22 heard how governments in Kenya, Tanzania, Mali and Senegal are using decentralised structures to get climate finance into the hands of local government and out to climate vulnerable communities who need it most

    2 December 2016 | News | Climate change
  • Screenshot from animation explaining how decentralised climate funds operate (Image: Near East Foundation)

    How devolved climate finance can deliver climate resilience at local level

    IIED and partners are highlighting the potential of devolved climate finance to deliver climate funding that is equitable and responsive to the needs of local people.  The organisations say that local climate adaptation planning offers significant benefits, particularly for people in poor and marginalised areas, and have released an animation that explains how decentralised climate funds operate, and the benefits they offer, that will be screened at a side event on devolved climate finance at COP22

    14 November 2016 | News | Climate change
  • The growing economic centre of Merti town on the Ewaso Ng’iro river, arid lands of Kenya (Photo: Caroline King-Okumu)

    Drylands: volatile, vibrant and under-valued?

    Since 2006, we have done significant innovative work with partners to dispel the misconception that drylands are unproductive, generating evidence on returns from drylands to contribute to positive policy by challenging policymakers' misconceptions that drylands are economically inefficient and environmentally destructive

    14 July 2016 | Project | Drylands and pastoralism
  • Chart showing decentralised energy access – finance needed and contribution of climate finance (Image: Sarah Best/IIED)

    The Green Climate Fund: will the vulnerable be overlooked in a rush to spend?

    As the Green Climate Fund's board meets to decide on a second round of spending it needs to prioritise initiatives that will reach the climate vulnerable, rather than large-scale business as usual investments

    24 June 2016 | Blog | Climate change
  • Officials on a climate finance course meet farmers in Bangladesh to learn about the benefits of solar irrigation pumps (Photo: ICCCAD, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Climate finance for those who need it most

    IIED's work on climate finance aims to generate evidence that can inform the design of funding mechanisms and ensure that funds can effectively reach the poor and vulnerable

    13 May 2016 | Article | Climate change
  • An image showing a group of women from Tongaradha village, Bangladesh, who saved more than 2,000 hectares of land and 500 households from flooding by rebuilding a 12km embankment and a 5km road. GCF money should be used for such innovative, community-driven projects in poor countries that will drive long-term change (Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Expediting direct access to the GCF for least developed countries

    The 10th community-based adaptation conference culminated in Dhaka last week with a strong message to engage communities in climate change action. This implies a greater role for local governments and communities in determining how climate-related decisions are made

    9 May 2016 | Blog | Climate change
  • This sewage treatment plant in Delawas, Jaipur, was funded by the Asian Development Bank. There are concerns omitting local people from decision-making processes can lead to climate funds not sufficiently representing local priorities (Photo: Asian Development Bank, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Getting Green Climate Funding to the local level

    As the Green Climate Fund meets to select projects for funding, is the current funding criteria prioritising a business as usual approach?

    28 October 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • Stunted crops in the Kaffrine region of Senegal are the result of a lack of rainfall, jeopardising farmers’ harvests (Photo: Daniella Van Leggelo-Padilla/World Bank, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Local climate adaptation: bridging the funding gap

    Communities often know how to adapt to changes in the climate and extreme weather events but they lack access and control over the funds which could help them put these solutions into practice

    9 July 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • Sheep grazing dry season pastures in Mopti, Mali (Photo: Near East Foundation)

    Decentralising Climate Funds in Mali and Senegal

    IIED is part of a community of practice in Mali and Senegal supporting local government to access and disburse climate finance, investing in priorities chosen with communities for adapting to climate change. Including local knowledge and experience in government planning is vital to the success of the investments.

    19 March 2015 | Project | Climate change
  • Participants developing the Ngiagagniao rural community map (Photo: Bara Guèye)

    Making decentralisation work

    Our programme of work on 'Making decentralisation work' responded to a policy change in many countries in the African Sahel which saw the transfer of certain decision-making powers and resources away from central government to elected local government bodies

    31 July 2008 | Project | Drylands and pastoralism
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