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  • Community technicians and coordinators in Uganda chat with a local farmer during a monitoring visit. These discussions are a key connection between the technical and local worlds in carbon forestry (Photo: Geoff Wells)

    Bridging the two worlds of carbon forestry

    Drones and satellites swirl overhead to monitor our forests. Computers churn out calculations of forest growth, while carbon markets ring up transactions. This is the backdrop to carbon credits that are financing forest conservation. But how do local people fit into this fast-evolving world of technology?

    5 April 2017 | Blog | Forests
  • Renewables, why bother?

    For much of the developing world producing clean energy that also mitigates carbon emissions is a very low priority. After all, why should countries that haven't significantly contributed to climate change worry about reducing their relatively tiny carbon emissions? In any case who would pay for it all?

    4 August 2010 | Blog | Climate change
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