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  • Rubbish and black bin bags are strewn around

    Carbon offsetting: who’s really winning?

    To tackle climate change and poverty, we need to look past win-win solutions and start asking tough questions

    7 July 2020 | Blog | Climate change
  • A wind farm outside Adigrat, northern Ethiopia, is an example of low-carbon renewable technologies can initiate a process of transformational change within developing countries

    Green Climate Fund: a big step forward, but many decisions pending

    The UN climate change convention's Green Climate Fund (GCF), aims to help countries adopt "transformational" pathways to low carbon, climate resilient development. Its 6th board meeting last week in Bali yielded mixed results for the world's most poor and climate vulnerable countries.

    28 February 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Do or die in Durban

    I was one among the many sleep-deprived observers present at the birth of the Kyoto Protocol, during the early hours of a cold December morning in 1997. I cannot claim to have formed an immediate emotional attachment. Along with many others, I despaired already at the weakling’s lack of ambition, and numerous defects (politely called loopholes) that rendered it a joke on the planet. It was optimistically proclaimed a “first small step”, implying that better would follow once the world “warmed up” to the idea of living in a carbon-constrained world.

    30 November 2011 | Blog | Climate change
  • REDD+: a win-win deal is possible!

    With the dusk of the International Year of Forests fast approaching, reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, sustainable forest management, conservation and enhancement of carbon stocks (REDD+) has the potential to bring positive changes to the lives of people who are dependent on forests for their livelihoods. But this can only happen if REDD+ is implemented in a way that ensures their participation in the process.

    17 November 2011 | Blog | Forests
  • Renewables, why bother?

    For much of the developing world producing clean energy that also mitigates carbon emissions is a very low priority. After all, why should countries that haven't significantly contributed to climate change worry about reducing their relatively tiny carbon emissions? In any case who would pay for it all?

    4 August 2010 | Blog | Climate change
  • Keeping the forests we've got

    The conservation of forests in countries like Suriname with high forest cover and low deforestation rates is not a priority for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Yet forest people suffer enormously from the effects of climate change.

    30 April 2009 | Blog | Climate change
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