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  • Woman in a forest holds a tree branch towards another tree

    Escalating local climate resilience finance

    A new IIED report offers 30 practical options to help local people build vital resilience into their livelihoods, landscapes and food systems and calls for an urgent increase in climate finance to and through local organisations

    12 October 2021 | Blog | Climate change
  • Raw meat and a knife on a table

    New decision support tool launched for wild meat alternatives project development

    IIED and partners have released a tool, available in multiple languages, to support practitioners to find sustainable alternatives to wild meat that work for rural people

    28 July 2021 | News | Biodiversity
  • Woman stirs a long stick in a pan on a fireplace made of stone

    Why eat wild meat? Insights from Africa and lessons for COVID-19 responses

    This IIED Debates on Wednesday, 4 August explored why people eat wild meat and how to design interventions that can help improve sustainability and safety

    22 July 2021 | Event | Biodiversity
  • The sky is visible through a forest

    Exploring why people eat wild meat – and designing better alternatives

    New research from Cameroon investigating drivers for wild meat consumption will help find sustainable alternatives that work for rural people

    29 July 2020 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • View of a road cutting through a forest

    Wild meat: is there an appetite for alternatives?

    The age-old tradition of hunting wild meat has, in many cases, become unsustainable. Efforts to change local habits have had little effect. Ahead of this year’s International Day for Biological Diversity, guest blogger Stephanie Brittain argues that to protect biodiversity, without compromising health and livelihoods, we need to understand much more about why people eat wild meat

    21 May 2019 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • The meat from a duiker is prepared for a meal, close to the Dia Faunal Reserve, Cameroon (Photo: Stephanie Brittain)

    Why eat wild meat?

    There is growing concern that hunting for wild meat consumption is unsustainable and threatening biodiversity conservation and food security across sub-Saharan Africa. But for initiatives that promote alternatives to succeed, they must be based in a strong understanding of why people eat wild meat

    19 September 2018 | Project | Biodiversity
  • Seaweed farming in Nusa Lembongan, Bali, is an example of an alternative livelihood project (Photo: Yeowatzup via Creative Commons

    Are "alternative livelihoods" projects effective?

    Considerable sums have been spent on projects designed to provide people with alternative ways to make a living in and around protected or biodiverse areas. But do such projects work?

    4 February 2014 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • A beekeeper in Guatemala finds an alternative source of income. Photo: Todd Post/Bread for the World Institute

    Judging the effectiveness of alternative livelihoods projects

    Do alternative livelihoods projects work to protect, maintain or even improve biodiversity? What has worked, what hasn’t worked and why? This project aims to answer some of those questions by analysing the evidence.

    16 August 2013 | Project | Biodiversity
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