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  • Despite the importance of the agriculture sector in Ethiopia, access to credit is limited (Photo: Morgana Wingard/USAID, Flickr via Creative Commons)

    Farming impacts in sub-Saharan Africa

    Three new papers looking at the way in which agriculture is contributing to development in Sub-Saharan Africa have been published as part of an ongoing series, which was launched last year on World Food Day

    23 April 2015 | News | Food and agriculture
  • A farmer near Bagré dam in Burkina Faso dries paddy rice (Photo: Barbara Adolph/IIED)

    Seven papers unpick debates on African agriculture and rural development

    To mark World Food Day, IIED, ODI and IDS have launched the first seven of 12 new papers addressing agricultural and rural development debates in sub-Saharan Africa.

    15 October 2014 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Renewable energy has a place to play in providing energy access to small farms (Photo via Google reuse rights))

    Calling all energy and agriculture experts: meet, talk and collaborate

    Many of the 500 million small farms that produce the bulk of food consumed in developing countries have no access to modern energy services. Why doesn't more research and innovation focus on getting energy to them?

    29 April 2014 | Blog | Energy
  • An example of crops grown through no-till farming in Western Australia (Photo: Bill Crabtree)

    Spreading the word about the no-till agricultural revolution

    Never heard of no-till agriculture? It's revolutionising agriculture in Australia and other drylands countries. "No-Till Bill", a pioneer in the technique, is now spreading the word in Europe

    31 March 2014 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Farmers in Guangxi and Yunnan provinces respond to climatic adversity by using their own innovations and biocultural heritage

    China's farmers innovate to adapt to climate change

    The film "Planting for Change" tells the story of how farmers in Guangxi and Yunnan provinces have responded to climatic adversity by using their own innovations and biocultural heritage

    17 December 2013 | Blog | Climate change
  • Agricultural biodiversity in a Peruvian market. Photo: Bioversity International/A. Camacho

    Building resilient food systems

    IIED strengthens the capacity of local organisations and institutions by designing resilient food systems and sustaining local food systems.

    14 August 2013 | Project | Biodiversity
  • Video: Global Food and Farming Futures Foresight report

    Video: Global Food and Farming Futures Foresight report

    Camilla Toulmin, the director of IIED, and Charles Godfrey, director of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, discuss the Global Food and Farming Futures Foresight report

    30 October 2012 | News | Food and agriculture
  • Chen showing Lila Buckley his innovative method for growing potatoes in straw nests.

    A Chinese farm in Africa

    Chen promotes new agricultural techniques in China, but he dreams of farming in Senegal because he wants to share his skills and do something meaningful.

    13 September 2012 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • West African farmers heard at UK Houses of Parliament

    It might seem obvious that African farmers, who have successfully fed their families and, in turn, much of rural Africa, would be the first to be consulted on what agricultural research would benefit them. But a series of citizen juries, carried out previously in West Africa and facilitated by IIED researchers and partners, have revealed that much African agricultural research doesn’t meaningfully involve farmers or reflect their priorities.

    4 February 2012 | Blog | Natural resource management
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