PLA 49: Decentralisation and community-based planning

This special issue of PLA notes focuses on decentralised governance and community-based planning (CBP) - planning by communities, for ther communities which links into the local and national government planning systems. 

Article, 31 March 2004
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

April 2004

Guest editors: Ian Goldman and Joanne Abbott.

This issue draws on the four country CBP project from South Africa, Uganda, Ghana and Zimbabwe and also includes examples from francophone Africa, Asia and Latin America. The country studies seek to draw comparisons between the different approaches, objectives and scales used in CBP projects and highlight the need to look at them as part of an integrated planning process for an area.

PLA 49 also includes more general articles, Tips for Trainers, and our usual In Touch section, which includes book reviews, events, and e-participation.

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Decentralisation and community-based planning

Overview: decentralisation and participatory planning
Ian Goldman, James Carnegie and Joanne Abbott

Experiences of CBP in South Africa
Sam Chimbuya, Cecile Ambert, Marc Feldman, Teboho Maine, and Tankiso Mea

Experiences with CBP from Uganda
Tom Blomley, Paul Kasule-Mukasa, Fiona Nunan, and Charles Kiberu

Planning with the area council: experience with CBP in Ghana
Ernest Tay Awoosah, John Cofie Agamah, Ansah Sampson Kwarteng, BM Oppong and Francis Owusu

Empowering Communities through CBP in Zimbabwe: experiences in Gwanda and Chimanimani
Absolom Masendeke, Andrew Mlalazi, Ashella Ndhlovu, and Douglas Gumbo

Other experiences of CBP in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Experience of the Programme Nationale de Gestion de Terroirs (PNGT2) in Burkina Faso
Moussa Ouedraogo et Mohamed Drabo

Challenging and changing the big picture: the roles of participatory research in public policy planning
Charles Ehrhart

Experiences in Panchayat-based planning in the mountains, Himachal Pradesh, India
Rajeev Ahal and Silvio Decurtins

Some experiences from the Philippines in urban community development planning
Edna Co, Jan Velasco-Fabonan, and Jeremy Philippe Nishimori

The use of participatory three-dimensional modelling in community-based planning in Quang Nam province, Vietnam
James Hardcastle, Giacomo Rambaldi, Barney Long, Le Van Lanh, and Do Quoc Son

Municipal rural development plans in Brazil: working within the politics of participation
Glauco Regis Florisbelo and Irene Guijt

General Section

Domestic abuses against housewives in haor areas of Bangladesh: understanding the impact of Concern's intervention in reducing abuses
Dipankar Datta and Neli Sen Gupta

Extracts from 'Teach Yourself Citizens Juries: A handbook by the DIY Jury Steering Group'
PEALS, Newcastle University

Tips for Trainers