Thierry Berger

Associate (law, economies and justice programme), Natural Resources

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Languages: English, French (native) and German (conversational)

Thierry Berger is an associate with IIED's law, economies and justice programme. He has been collaborating closely as a consultant since September 2013 – conducting research, co-authoring reports, running webinar series and contributing to the team's international capacity support and lesson sharing work.

For example he has participated in a water team-led demand assessment mission to Niger, took part in a scoping study on mechanisms to secure rights in land use investments in Western Africa and co-authored analytical papers on legacy land issues, legal empowerment and development finance institutions as part of Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development (LEGEND) and academic papers on land in international investment law and dispute settlement.

Thierry also played a key research role in the 'Empowering Producers in Commercial agriculture (EPIC)' project.


Thierry is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales and a French lawyer. His focus is on law and sustainable development.

Before IIED

Prior to his collaboration with IIED, Thierry worked for global law firms for 10 years, specialising in international arbitration.

He refocused his career to make a contribution to addressing global development and environmental issues. To that end, Thierry did an LLM in global environment and climate change law at the University of Edinburgh.

Current work

Thierry is playing key research roles in the ‘Advancing Land-based Investment Governance (ALIGN)’ initiative and a project studying land and socio economic impacts of special economic zones, and he is supporting a coalition of CSOs in Guinea to harmonise the country’s mining and land legislation with international human rights standards.

Thierry is the engine of the webinar series under the law, economies and justice programme, liaising with speakers and ensuring good delivery.