PCLG: an international learning network on the links between people and nature conservation

PCLG international shares opportunities and research through two regular newsletters, and supports PCLG national groups in Cameroon, DRC and Uganda. 

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Francesca Booker

Researcher (biodiversity), Natural Resources 

Natural Resources research group
Conservation, communities and equity
A programme of work showing how IIED is building capacity to understand and implement equitable conservation and enhance community voice in conservation policymaking

Gorilla tourism in Uganda's Bwindi national park generates money for conservation, but not much for locals. Uganda PCLG is working to grow community income from tourism (Photo: Matthias Neuhaus, Creative Commons via Flickr)

PCLG international is coordinated by IIED with the aim of improving policy and practice. Through two regular newsletters, we share the latest news, opportunities and research on the links between nature conservation and human wellbeing, rights and livelihoods, with a specific focus on Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean and Latin America.

  • PCLG News is our quarterly, carefully-curated newsletter featuring thought-provoking news, opinion pieces and must-read publications, as well as funding, personal development and career opportunities. Subscribers also receive occasional alerts about funding opportunities and relevant events.
  • PCLG Research Digest is our monthly round-up of recently published books, briefings, journal articles, manuals and other publications. Much of the content is open or free to access, making the PCLG Digest a crucial resource for anyone wanting to stay up to date with the latest research.

From poverty to people

PCLG was established in 2005 as the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group. We now refer to the international network as PCLG, to reflect the broadening of its thematic focus from poverty and conservation to people and conservation.

We are particularly interested in how approaches to conservation that respond to community priorities, and are more equitable, can deliver improved outcomes for nature and biodiversity as well as people.

From 2005 to 2017 the international secretariat of the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group at IIED hosted meetings and events and maintained two bibliographic databases. We also accepted organisations as PCLG members. We no longer maintain these activities and instead focus our efforts on keeping the network of individual subscribers up to date through our newsletters.

National groups in Uganda, Cameroon and DRC

Beside the international network, national PCLG groups have been formed in Uganda, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The national groups continue to work through a membership structure and foster collaboration between conservation and development organisations in the respective countries.

National groups define their own agendas related to conservation and development and are involved in research, communication and advocacy activities.

Great apes

All three national groups have an interest in conserving critically endangered great apes, and PCLG members have been working together to explore how great ape conservation can be more effectively linked to poverty alleviation efforts, for example, through tourism or through reducing conflict between humans and wildlife. This work has been supported by the Arcus Foundation.

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The Poverty and Conservation Learning Group has received funding from UKaid and Arcus Foundation