Great ape conservation in Cameroon: mapping institutions and policies

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Published: March 2016
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This study presents the findings of a mapping exercise aimed at identifying the main institutions, policies and laws put in place by the government to ensure conservation of the remaining great apes in Cameroon. It also identifies the non-governmental organisations involved in great ape conservation in the country, and their activities. The authors conclude that despite many supportive great ape conservation policies and laws being in place, and many NGOs carrying out projects that have positive outcomes for great ape conservation and local livelihoods, more concerted action among all stakeholders – the state, national and international NGOs – is needed in order to protect the remaining species, whilst improving local livelihoods. This publication is an output of the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) - Research Report, 2016.

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Dinsi, S. and Eyebe, S. (2016). Great ape conservation in Cameroon: mapping institutions and policies. IIED, London.
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